A tower of imaginary cooking recipes and ingredient locations

Looking for all the towers of fantasy cooking recipes and ingredient locations? Cooking Hotta Studio’s open-world RPG is a substantial but easily overlooked aspect of the popular Tower of Fantasy. Different dishes can be created by combining the right ingredients from the cooking machine, and consuming those dishes grants you positive effects such as regenerating your health, boosting your damage and resistance, and replenishing your satiety – a hunger bar that is used. Passive health regeneration.

You’ll often want to cook special dishes to prepare for a certain fight or trip, but there are also often quest missions that require you to obtain a certain food item. Here you will find all your answers, thanks to the definitive table of all our Tower of Fantasy cooking recipes. Keep scrolling and you’ll also find helpful information on where to find each ingredient in the game.

Below are every single cooking recipe in Fantasy Tower, the effects and bonuses given by each dish.

the food Material satisfaction impact Rarity Terrible stew Any failed combo +2 N/A N/A Charcoal Grilled Onions 2x sand onions +10 N/A X Crispy Grilled Fish 1x Silver Bass +10 N/A X Sizzling meat 2x game meat +10 N/A X Whole grain bread 2x Homey Grain +10 N/A X Breakfast cereal 2x Homey Cereal, 1x Milk +14 N/A N Egg fried rice 2x rice, 1x chicken egg +14 N/A N Fries 1x potato, 1x salad dressing +14 N/A N Meat and Potato Stew 1x potato, 1x game meat +14 N/A N become meat 2x Homey Grain, 1x Game Meat +14 N/A N Stir-Fried Broccoli 2x broccoli +14 N/A N Red wheat bread 2x brown rice +16 N/A N Cactus special 2x Ball Cactus +5 Restore (10% + 1500) HP X star egg 2x chicken eggs +5 Restore (10% + 1500) HP X Fried mushrooms 2x mushrooms +5 Restore (10% + 1500) HP X salad salad 2x salad, 1x salad dressing +5 Restore (10% + 1500) HP X Beet soup 2x beets +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N Crispy Chicken Burger 1x Homey Grain, 1x Chicken, 1x Salad +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N Dandelion Mushroom Soup 1x Dandelion Seed, 2x Mushroom +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N star chicken 2x Chicken, 1x Homey Grain +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N Golden eggs and tomatoes 2x Thorn Clay, 2x Chicken Eggs +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N Grilled lizard tail 2x Meat Tail +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N Mushroom soup 2x mushrooms, 2x lettuce +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N Seaweed and egg soup 2x Laver, 1x Chicken Egg +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N Sliced ​​fish with mushrooms 2x Mushroom, 1x Silver Bass +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N A conch shell 2x Conch, 1x Lettuce +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N Vegetable salad 1x Fallen Fruit, 1x Thornemato, 1x Salad, 1x Salad Dressing +7 Restores (12% + 3,300) HP N Black Moss Soup 2x Black Moss, 2x Lettuce +8 Restore (13% + 10,000) HP N Surf and Turf 1x Darby’s Sturgeon, 2x Chicken Eggs +8 Restore (13% + 10,000) HP N Boiled Scallops 2x scallops, 3x lettuce +10 Restore (15% + 20,000) HP R Fruit cake 2x Strawberry, 1x Homey Grain, 1x Fallen Fruit, 1x Chicken Egg +10 Restore (15% + 20,000) HP R Upright crab 2x Portunid, 2x Lettuce +10 Restore (15% + 20,000) HP R Steamed eggs with sea urchin 2x Sea Urchin, 2x Chicken Egg +10 Restore (15% + 20,000) HP R Balloon fruit salad 2x Balloon Fruit, 2x Thornmeat, 1x Salad Dressing +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R Barnacle Seafood Pizza 1x Barnacle, 2x Brown Rice, 1x Onion +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R Caviar sushi 1x Caviar, 2x Rice, 2x Laver +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R Chocolate Bread 2x Cocoa Beans, 2x Brown Rice +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R Fiddlehead pie 2x Fiddlehead, 2x Brown Rice +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R Fiddlehead Soup 2x Fiddlehead, 4x Lettuce +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R Pine Cocoa 1x Pinecone, 1x Cocoa Beans, 2x Milk +10 Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R Caterpillar Fungus Noodles 1x Caterpillar Fungus, 3x Brown Rice +20 Restore (20% + 60,000) HP SR Nut tea 1x Hazelnut, 2x Pinecone, 2x Honey +20 Restore (20% + 60,000) HP SR Honey fruit juice 2x Fallen Fruit, 1x Honey, 1x Carbonated Water N/A Restore 300 Stamina, Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N Iced Orchid Surprise 2x Ghost Mushrooms, 1x Milk, 1x Carbonated Water N/A Restore 300 Stamina, Restore (12% + 3,300) HP N Firecap Mushroom Soup 2x Firecap, 2x Salad N/A Restore 400 Stamina, Restore (13% + 10,000) HP N Roast rump 2x Rear Hawk N/A Restore 500 Stamina, Restore (15% + 20,000) HP R Sweet pomegranate juice 2x phosphogranate, 2x honey, 1x carbonated water N/A Restore 600 Stamina, Restore (16% + 34,000) HP R Snow Lotus Soup 1x Snow Lotus, 2x Honey N/A Restore 800 Stamina, Restore (20% + 60,000) HP SR Tomato and fried egg pasta 3x brown rice +10 Gain (+1% + 45) Fire Damage (900 seconds) R Seafood soup 3x Conch, 2x Scallop, 1x Salad +10 Gain (+1% + 45) Ice Damage (900 seconds) R Spicy Burger 3x Homey Grain, 2x Rear Hock, 1x Salad +10 Gain (+1% + 45) Physical Damage (900 seconds) R Jam on toast 1x Small Blueberry Jar, 1x Strawberry, 3x Homey Grain +10 Gain (+1% + 45) Volt Damage (900 seconds) R Firedragon Fruit Tea 2x Firedragon Fruit, 2x Honey +10 Gain (+1% + 80) Fire Damage (900 seconds) R Snow Azalea Tea 1x Snow Azalea, 1x Milk, 2x Honey +10 Gain (+1% + 80) Ice Damage (900 seconds) R Caviar Potato Balls 1x Caviar, 2x Potatoes +10 Gain (+1% + 80) Physical Damage (900 seconds) R Eel and mushroom soup 1x Electric Eel, 2x Firecap +10 Gain (+1% + 80) Volt Damage (900 seconds) R Iced Strawberry Soda 2x strawberries, 2x honey, 1x carbonated water +10 Gain (+10% + 170) Fire Resistance (900 seconds) R Sea Crab Soup 2x Hermit Crab, 4x Mushroom +10 Gain (+10% + 170) Fire Resistance (900 seconds) R Simple Power Salad 1x Broccoli, 1x Spinach, 1x Lettuce, 1x Chicken Egg, 1x Salad Dressing +10 Gain (+10% + 170) Physical Resistance (900 seconds) R Thundercloud Blueberry Soda 1x small blueberry jar, 2x honey, 1x carbonated water +10 Gain (+10% + 170) Volts Resistance (900 seconds) R Cocoa milk 2x Cocoa Beans, 2x Honey, 1x Milk +10 Gain (+10% + 290) Ice Resistance (900 sec) R Barnacle Stew 2x Barnacle, 4x Lettuce +10 Gain (+10% + 290) Physical Resistance (900 seconds) R Spicy eel 1x Electric Ill +10 Gain (+10% + 290) Volts Resistance (900 seconds) R Juicy BLT 1x Fatty Cut, 2x Brown Rice, 2x Poultry Eggs +20 Gain (+15% + 675) Fire Resistance (1200 seconds) SR Braised meat 1x Fatty Cut +20 Gain (+15% + 675) Ice Resistance (1200 seconds) SR Snail Baked Rice 1x Carrion Snail, 2x Rice +20 Gain (+15% + 675) Physical Resistance (1200 seconds) SR Grilled steak 1x Prime Cut +20 Gain (+15% + 675) Volts Resistance (1200 seconds) SR Steak with sauce 1x Prime Cut, 3x Firecap +20 Gain (+2% + 150) Fire Damage (1200 seconds) SR Salmon Sashimi 1x Lake Bass +20 Gain (+2% + 150) Ice Damage (1200 seconds) SR Truffle Fried Rice 1x Black Truffle, 1x Onion, 2x Rice +20 Gain (+2% + 150) Physical Damage (1200 seconds) SR Purple Yam Pie 1x Purple Yam +20 Gain (+2% + 150) Volt Damage (1200 seconds) SR

If you’re struggling to piece together the ingredients for one of the Tower of Fantasy recipes above, don’t worry. Below you can read where you need to go to find each of the ingredients listed in the game.

It covers this definitive guide to various cooking recipes and ingredient locations in Fantasy Tower. The best way to prepare for challenging areas, fights and bosses is to bring the right food with you. To make sure you’re fully prepared, check out our Tower of Fantasy tier list and our guide to the best Tower of Fantasy relics. We’ve also got a list of Tower of Fantasy codes to redeem for free moolah and news on the current and upcoming Tower of Fantasy banner.

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