Able Eyes, a Mason-based business that offers people a virtual look at sites

MASON — Five years after a local woman started an online company offering virtual tours of restaurants, entertainment venues and other public spaces, her business, Able Eyes, now offers an inside look at nearly 1,000 places across the country.

Meegan Winters, a former special education teacher and administrator, co-founded the website — with the goal of giving people with disabilities an opportunity to explore places before they visit — in 2017 by reaching out to Lansing-area businesses, organizations and destinations with the Town of Bryan.

Today, Able Eyes offers 360-degree virtual tours of locations in all 50 states and the United Kingdom. Among the virtual tours are nearly 100 locations in the Lansing area, including buildings on Michigan State University’s campus, local libraries, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and museums.

Users can move through them at their own pace and have access to a device within each tour that measures doorways and spaces, allowing wheelchair-users and others with mobility issues to determine whether they will be able to navigate the space.

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