In the world of finance, every move can mean significant gains or losses for investors. Alpha DNA Investment Management LLC began holdings in United Airlines Holdings, Inc. during the fourth quarter. (NASDAQ:UAL) made its most recent investment move by buying 27,920 shares, which is worth approximately $1,053,000. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), this new position in UAL marks an exciting opportunity for Alpha DNA Investment Management, a firm specializing in genetic algorithm-based investment strategies.

United Airlines Holdings Inc., based in Chicago, IL, is a transportation company that primarily serves consumer needs related to passenger flights. The company operates globally through various regions such as Atlantic, Pacific and Latin America. Founded on December 30, 1968 – this well-established airline recently saw several research firms weigh in on its stock’s rating.

Redburn Partners recently raised United Airlines from a “sell” rating to a “neutral” rating and set a $55.00 price objective on the stock. BNP Paribas upgraded United Airlines from an “underperform” rating to an “outperform” rating and set a $70.00 target price on the stock in its latest research report on March 7th.

Goldman Sachs Group initiated coverage on United Airlines in mid-December last year with a “buy” rating with a $51.00 price target for the company while Morgan Stanley raised its price target from $67.00 to $70.00 in April this year. recommendation.

Barclays finally upgraded United Airlines from equal weight to overweight while upgrading UAL shares from $52.00 per share to $80 per share earlier this March.

Experts suggest that despite the varied ratings given by these research firms – consensus ratings remain steady at “hold,” according to Bloomberg.com data which also reports that the average target price was posted at a record $56.97 per share.

It’s no secret that airlines have been hit by COVID-19, resulting in the downsizing of many companies in the industry. However, with travel slowly recovering and the number of coronavirus cases declining – this is a great opportunity for investors to consider Alpha DNA Investment Management’s recent move that could hold great financial promise.

Institutional Investors United Airlines Holdings Inc. Makes significant changes in positions

Institutional Investors United Airlines Holdings Inc. have been making significant changes to their positions, according to recent reports. Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund increased its position in shares of United Airlines by 0.8% in the fourth quarter, and now owns 25,209 shares of the transportation company’s stock valued at $950,000 after buying an additional 208 shares in the last quarter. Similarly, State of Michigan Retirement System raised its holdings in United Airlines by 0.3% in the Q3 and Utah Retirement Systems grew its stake in United Airlines by 1.1% during the same period. Meliorate Capital LP recently added United Airlines to its portfolio.

Czech National Bank grew its holdings by 0.8% in Q4 and Captrust Financial Advisors grew its position by 5.3% in Q2, owning 6,660 shares of the transportation company’s stock, valued at $236,000 at the moment. Collectively, hedge funds and other institutional investors currently own about 60% of United Airlines’ overall stock market capitalization.

A United Airlines vice president also sold $783,040 worth of stock on February 10 of this year, bringing his total shareholdings to $397,980 worth of stock, as reported through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website.

It is mentioned in the disclosure that on March 15 of this year, an operator bought 25,000 shares of UAO worth an investment of more than one million dollars.

United Airlines Holdings is a holding company focused on providing transportation services throughout the world, including within the US domestic region as well as countries such as Europe (Atlantic), Asia (Pacific), and Latin America.

Shares for UAL opened last week at more than $42 a unit, which has a market capitalization of about $14 billion.

A look back at history shows that UAL beat expectations to generate Q4 net profit, which is quite remarkable. Furthermore, experts anticipate that the firm will post 8.7 earnings per share for the current fiscal year.

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