Ameritas Retirement Plans Launches GoalWise (SM) Another Technology for Personal Savings Experience

Lincoln, Navy., August 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ameritas Life Insurance Corp . The Department of Retirement Planning is proud to announce GoalWise, a digital, interactive retirement savings and financial wellness platform.SM, to manage the end-to-end retirement savings journey. GoalWise provides a personalized, goal-based gamification experience for participants and insightful, targeted, event-driven communication and data trending for financial professionals and sponsors. GoalWise is designed to engage key stakeholders in a digitally driven application to promote financial literacy, wellness and higher savings rates through interactive education and guidance.

Ameritas Retirement Plans has partnered with iJoin to provide a robust, integrated technology solution that provides a cafeteria-style approach with a single sign on capability to provide multiple managed account solutions, strategies and emergency savings accounts with voluntary benefits to retirement plan participants. Goalwise will expand to provide financial literacy support services that include budgeting, debt management, other savings tools and security products wrapped in a holistic financial wellness approach.

“We are committed to helping Americans achieve a funded retirement, reduce financial stress and live healthier lives. GoalWise brings a complete suite of services and products to help people save and retire that meet participants where they want, digitally on their schedule. Or human interaction. The integrated, technology stack provides solutions that are scalable while remaining flexible to meet future market demand with competitive pricing, especially down-market,” said Jim KiceExecutive Vice President, Retirement Planning, at Ameritas.

Steve McCoyThe CEO of iJoin added, “We are excited to partner with Ameritas Retirement Plans to support the critical role financial professionals play in driving plan performance and ultimately plan success. We have a shared focus on developing a goal-based participant experience that makes engagement more natural and better.” It is likely to yield results.”

Ameritas Retirement Plans serves the industry’s main street market businesses, government and non-profit organizations through all licensed financial intermediaries, brokers and registered investment advisors. Ameritas Retirement Plans with iJoin offers a well-differentiated retirement plan model that aligns personalization features into a meaningful retirement journey.

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The iJoin team is committed to personalizing Retirement Success™ and making it easier for millions of savers to get on the path to better retirement outcomes. As the financial technology partner for the retirement planning industry, iJoin’s goal-based retirement planning experience helps people quickly understand their retirement funding needs and encourages action to get on track. iJoin supports financial advisors and recordkeepers with actionable data and tools to more effectively engage employers and their employees. is a registered investment advisor with LDI-MAP (dba iJoin). Arizona State – 14646 N. Kierland Boulevard, Suite 125 Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Learn more at

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