David Dobric is taking the business world by storm

David Dobric is a very rare person in the creative world: he rose to fame nine years ago and he’s still on top.

Nine years is an eternity in the YouTube world.

He’s done this by consistently creating funny content on every platform he touches: short form videos, long form videos, podcasts, etc.

It doesn’t matter where he posts. He always attracts a large audience.

Wherever he goes, he brings his high energy, and his large following, with him.

And now he’s bringing that energy to the business world.

He’s had long-term success with companies like SeatGeek and Fan Joy and has done hundreds, if not thousands, of deals with other brands over the years.

But he never owned any of the companies he represented.

Right now, as many big creators do, he’s focused on gaining ownership of the brands he represents.

Dobric said, “There are a lot of things that I could have set myself up for in the future. One thing is with equity. With SeatGeek, there was a company that I was a part of a lot. But it never, ever crossed my mind to ask for equity. So I was very I wish it was better.

I always wondered about those ‘one off’ brand deals. When a company approaches me for an Instagram story and then disappears. I’m always like, ‘What’s the point of an Instagram story?’ I always think, ‘Why are they doing this?’ Why not do a deal with me, where you’re a big part of my life and there’s some equity so I’m posting for you even if you’re not paying me.’ I think this is the best way to do it. So, it encourages me to post more and more regularly.

I was never good at putting myself in a position where I got equity and I was getting cash to get promoted. Now, when I work, especially when it is a long relationship with my company; Then there will definitely be cash options and then equity.

Dobrik has built some great relationships with founders and has partnered with Happy Hour Tequila Seltzer and Xeela Fitness.

“Happy Hour is a company that came into my life a year ago. And I’m really good friends with the people there. That’s a good example of a company where I’ve liked the people. They’re part of my friend group. And I like the product. And most of all, I love the name. The name was so good, and the product tasted so good, that I was like, ‘It worked!’ And that’s another example, where I have a cash deal with them. And I have some equity in it. I feel part of the company,” Dobric said.

He also partnered with a childhood friend in the supplement company Xeela.

He said, “It’s a pre-workout and protein supplement. I just started working out and doing the Xeela diet. My housemate (Ilya Fedorovich) started it and he is super into fitness. He works seven or eight hours a day. All he breathes is health. I think it’s going to branch out and bars and down the road it’s going to be apparel. It would have to do with welfare. And so far, it’s doing really, really well. “

And he’s become a founder himself, starting his own pizza restaurant, Doughbricks.

He said, “Doughbricks came because I’m from Chicago and I love pizza. It’s tavern style pizza, so it’s really cracker thin. And the sauce is so sweet. We drop this honey glaze on it. It’s really good. And We have pizza, ‘The Duffy Doughbrick.’ And that’s Detroit-style, thick, focaccia bread. That’s really exciting. We’ve been working on it for two years. By mid-October, there should be a physical location open. And I’m really stoked. It’s really new for me. Digital People For a physical object. So I think it’s crazy because everything is online. Any product is always online.

David is putting the same energy that he put into vlogging every day, for years, into his business endeavors and that kind of work ethic and his huge following, then it’s bound to succeed.

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