Elon University / Today Elon / The Elon Family awards a scholarship honoring Exercise Science Professor Joyce Davis

A generous gift from Elon parents Gregory and Shelly Bausch P’16 and P’18 provides scholarships to exercise science majors to ensure access to Elon experiences.

A new endowment of gifts from Arizona’s Gregory and Shelley Bausch P’16 and P’18 will ensure exercise science majors access to Elon experiences in internships and graduate research.

The Joyce Davis Endowment for Exercise Science was established by Joyce Davis, professor of exercise science, to recognize the life-changing mentorship provided by her daughter, Megan Bausch ’18.

Joyce Davis Professor of Exercise Science

Shelley Bausch announced the endowment Monday, Aug. 15, during the annual faculty meeting of Elon College, College of Arts and Sciences, news that surprised Davis and colleagues.

“The impact you as faculty have on students’ lives is incredible,” Bausch said. “As a family, we sit and talk about the people who have made a difference in our lives and most of you in this room are guests at our dinner table, even if you don’t know it.

“When we discussed doing this as a family, we looked at Elon’s educational mission: ‘to build supportive and supportive human relationships that foster personal growth’ and the faculty’s role ‘to provide both challenge and encouragement to help students discover their ambitions. Seek greatness and Develop in them the courage to achieve it.’ That’s Joyce Davis.”

A $50,000 endowment fund scholarship for students with financial need to complete internships and pursue graduate research opportunities within exercise science. Ensuring all students have access to those experiences — among the five Elon experiences that include global engagement, service learning and leadership — is one of the priorities of the Boldly Elon strategic plan.

“It is an incredible honor that the Bausch family is going to help future students achieve and accomplish the same important goals as their two children,” Davis said. “It will give more students more opportunities, and that’s what I’ve tried to do in my career. My whole purpose in being a faculty member is to inspire students to set and achieve goals as their authentic selves.”

Shelly Bausch, dressed in white, stands behind a podium, wearing a black face mask and blue blouse, and talks to Professor Joyce Davis.
Shelly Bausch surprised exercise science professor Joyce Davis with a grant in her name on Monday, Aug. 15, at an Elon College faculty meeting.

Davis was Megan Bausch’s advisor for four years at Elon and taught her in several courses. She remembers Megan Bausch as an enthusiastic, energetic learner who was meticulously prepared, had concrete goals and was unwavering in her commitment to accomplishing them. In 2021, Megan Bausch graduated at the top of her class at AT Steele University of Health Sciences with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies – an achievement the Bausch family attributes in part to Davis’ guidance and the confidence she instilled. Davis and Bausch, now a physician assistant with OrthoArizona, stay in constant contact.

“Joyce never doubted Megan’s abilities,” said Shelley Bausch. “She had high expectations of my daughter and was there to help her when the going got tough, but she never cut her slack. Megan needed someone who taught passionately and loved fiercely, and that’s what Joyce did.

“She, Matthew, Greg and I are very grateful to you, and that is why we are pleased to endow the Joyce Davis Endowment for Exercise Science in her name.”

Davis, whose expertise is in biomechanics, has taught at Elon for 26 years. The 2022-23 academic year will be her last as a full-time member of the faculty before she retires.

The Bauches have been staunch supporters of Elon, its faculty and programs since their son, Matthew Bausch ’16, graduated with a double major in physics and finance. He is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business.

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