Hello from day 1113 of solitude. It’s me, your immunocompromised friend in hell. Most days it feels like the whole world wants you to die and die before they even attach a mask to their flippers. As masks end in doctors’ offices and everyone is slowly forced back into offices and conferences, the sense of danger outside continues. You already know You are your own best advocate. Like the whole world transitions Back to “natural” (Good luck with that), we have a different reality. Here are the five actions Really can Save your life.

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The CDC has really distorted the language Immunodeficiency vaccines (IC) people. tThe initial chain was three shots, not two, and then we had access to more reinforcements, then Evusheld; It was very difficult to untie it. The good news is that it’s easier now: YYou just get bivalent Booster, and you’re done. as apa burden It’s the only booster anymore, so if you got the booster it’s lateEverything, you’ve got a bivalent. If you haven’t got it (and you can medically do so), it’s a waste of time. The bad news, and there are few of them, is evoshield It does not work against the current variableSo I hope you enjoyed it 12-Desperate hour drive I took it to find it. for those who Cannot create antibodies or get vaccine doses for medical reasons, Evusheld was two shots of monoclonal antibody delivered directly to the hip. But as the variants change, so does the efficacy of the monoclonal antibodies, and so when we moved to the variants in late winter, they removed the contingency-Using Evusheld’s license because it joined all other monoclonal antibodies that previously worked, but no longer do.

some people They try to get scripts from doctors for an extra bivalent booster, and several of them are successful. However, since there is no official protocol from the CDC or the Food and Drug Administration for giving additional boosters yet, no pharmacist will fill out the transcript. This week, there was news that an extra booster might be available to us in the next few weeks, so it’s worth staying on top of the news. Set a Google Alert for “bivalent, immunocompromised.

If you are one of the lucky IC group that can actually get doses of the vaccine and then already form antibodies to the vaccine, you may still want to time this boost for two weeks or so before a risky event occurs Because that’s when you have it The response will be higher. Studies show that these vaccines are in our bodies It fades very quicklywhich is why we hope to have more tools in the future.

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With each sub-variable, the symptoms of COVID change. While it’s worth remembering that you can be completely asymptomatic and still be contagious, I’m sure you’re as tired as hearing friends or co-workers claim they only have allergies or a cold, based on nothing other than a hunch, before exposing themselves to you. Knowing these symptoms can help you overcome the dangers of mitigating risks around people.

Loss of taste and smell, a common symptom early in the coronavirus crisis, has become less common in Delta and Omicron, but reappeared earlier this year. The epidemiologist recently noted that she and her colleagues have noticed sneezing as a common COVID symptom in the past few weeks, which is unusual and concerning, for everyone who is certain they have an allergy. That’s part of the problem—Variables move too quickly for peersReview studies to be the right place to hear about new symptoms.

As one might expect in 2023, the evening news is the last place to look for these kinds of details… so if you’re not part of #covidcautious tikTYes, Now is the time. Twitter also has a file Number of epidemiologists and immunologists who detail the most recent studies and findings, So is the community in #covidconscious.

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If you have an underlying health condition, you are at higher risk of severe COVID, but getting treatment depends on getting a positive test. It sucks that PCR tests are hard to come by again. Most people are now taken to home tests, most of which are rapid antigen/collateral flow tests. These tests are not reliable for the first five or six days because it can show a false negative (positives are reliable). So, access to PCR reports is essential, but many testing sites have closed, leaving only urgent care centers as options for rapid PCR. Since you will not want to go where the patients are, if you can afford to do so, you will need to receive in-Home molecular tests. health cue And Lucera Health Of options, through May 11, you can still reimburse $12 per exam for up to eight exams per month via private insurance.

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Paxlovid is the only intervention we currently have against COVID. All monoclonal antibodies have now been deemed ineffective, including Evusheld. Interventions such as Paxlovid are crucial.

You need to understand how Paxlovid works, ensure you are a candidate, and Know where to get them—everyone before You get COVID. It is an antiviral that reduces viral load, with a course of 30 tablets over five days, and tends to leave an unattractive metallic taste in your mouth which is partially muted by the hard mint. The sooner you take Paxlovid, the more effective it is, but you can only get a text within the first five days of symptoms, with a positive test. While it was initially thought that Paxlovid could lead to reflux, it tested negative and then tested positive again. After 10 days, this was found to apply to 15% of all COVID cases, regardless of whether the patient had taken Paxlovid.

If you have a doctor (because not all people who work in intensive care have doctors or insurance), You have to discuss a game plan with them if you get COVID. who are you calling? Are you a candidate for Paxlovid or another drug, or should you not pursue it because of a drug dispute or underlying problem? What if I test positive on the weekend; Who will you call next? Remember that pharmacists cannot prescribe Paxlovid unless they have your medical history, Including tests, so your best bet is always your doctor. Contacting the office can usually answer these questions.

You also need to know where to fill in the text. Few pharmacies are open 24 hours a day, and not everyone buys Paxlovid—And Even those listed It may not be in stock. He. She’It’s a good idea to try calling and finding out which pharmacy is nearby you usually have.

If you don’t have a doctor, you can still get Paxlovid, and it’s worth your time to see which ones are available to you now. First, there are a number of Connected hypothetical Care platforms Found specifically for the Paxlovid script. You make an appointment, pay a set price, call, show them your positive test, They discuss your medical history, and they either write a script to fill in locally, or baxlovide you overnight. In some places like Oregon or Massachusetts, the state has an agreement with one these services to Provide free care For those who do not have a doctor or insurance.

Your plan should go beyond medications—Who can you contact for help getting groceries, pet care, or verify you.

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Most people I know struggle with IC finding ways to make life a little more normal for themselves while staying safe. It’s important not to feel lonely, and it turns out that there’s a huge community of people just like you. It’s time to root them out and make some new relationships, both online and offline.

First, there covidmeetups.com It is a rudimentary but very cool site to connect legitimately with people near you. there An unimaginably large community on Facebook called “Still covida jobIt consists of hundreds of Small groups For your city, singles, crafters, hikers, etc. Support groups exist Meetup.comTwitter and T.TikTWell the hashtag you mentioned. Since Hinge and Bumble hadn’t figured this out yet, someone took up the cause on IG and started Covid Safe Cuties.

Upgrade those masks to a file plasticsWork The right choiceand invest in some Breathing And Purification.

I know the exhaustion of trying to explain to your people why you keep doing all this extra work to stay safe. This is why finding people you don’t have to explain anything to is so crucial.

It’s been so reassuring lately to realize how many people, like me, are already living under the hype about getting back to normal. Finding other people you can talk to can help make the next few years more bearable as we try to discover a new normal for us, too.

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