Historic Rome Installation of Life Monument, Visit America

A stunning monument to life was installed in Rome this past May and is also making its way around the United States.

The Life Monument is the first pro-life sculpture in the Eternal City, according to the work’s creator, Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz.

“Now, more than ever, with the debate going on in the United States, this sculpture, which is also in Rome and in the United States, is even more meaningful,” Schmalz said. saidUS Supreme Court Reference Dubs A decision that was eventually overturned Roe v. Wade.

“It’s a celebration and an imitation,” Schmalz said. “I want to use art to celebrate people and remind everyone that life is beautiful.”

Life Monument Celebrates the miracle of life And the woman at the center of that miracle is a bronze sculpture depicting the mother and the world-shaped womb with the unborn child in the center. The sculptural design draws the viewer into the center, where a globe-shaped womb made of mirrored steel reflects the viewer. This will cause them to see themselves at the center of the artwork, representing their personal connection to the miracle of the creation of human life.

Tim Schmalz YouTube

Work invites the Christ child and unborn life.

Made by Lard Different sizes of life monuments In different materials for different reasons and locations, an 8-foot monument size, a large giant size, a small (desktop size), and a gracefully shaped piece as part of a wreath. He wants to see the statue Established in capital cities across America As proof of life, a project that is ongoing.

National Life Monument surrounded by wreath and glass miniature/Lisa Bourne

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The 8-foot bronze Life Monument, permanently installed May 27 at the Church of San Marcello al Corso in Rome, has significance for its ability to convey a pro-life message to the world, Schmalz said.

“[I’m] Very excited to have the unborn Jesus represented in the Eternal City,” Schmalz told reporters after the installation. “It’s the city with the most images of Jesus in the world, and a cardinal told me, ‘If something comes to Rome, it comes to the world.’ I think it’s very exciting to represent the sanctity of all life here.”

Marina Cassini, president of the Movimento per la Vita Italiano, was on hand for the installation of the Life Monument in San Marcello.

“The sculpture is wonderful,” Cassini said, “not only for its artistic expression, but also for the message it contains.”

“Women hold the world in their wombs,” she said. “It’s a fantastic message, a universal message.”

Cassini and Schmalz at the installation of San Marcello Church/Tim Schmalz on YouTube

Schmalz spoke about how art can convey a pro-life message Report from Catholic News Service.

“Artwork has the power to persuade and understand and motivate people,” he said. “The more representation of mother and child in our visual landscape,” the better.

Schmalz commented on the mirror effect of the steel womb that allows viewers to see themselves in the womb, and a reminder that all life begins in the womb.

“Maybe it’s some kind of persuasion,” he thought, to get people to think more deeply about the beauty of all human life.

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Schmalz technically believed that the Life Monument was erected in a Rome church while pro-life advocates waited prayerfully. Dubs decision. A draft majority opinion was leaked at the time of the installation on May 2, hinting at what would follow with a June 24 release that led to a strike. cry.

Tim Schmalz YouTube

He spoke of the need to rediscover the value and influence of “the power of vision” in the context of evangelizing life.

In the past, the visual arts contributed to teaching faith to a largely illiterate society, Schmalz said. But the problem today is not that people can’t read, but rather that they don’t have time to read.

People “need visual bites,” Schmalz said, and if the church “can continue to put these positive messages out there that are relevant today, then they’re quietly, subtly preaching.”

smooth hope His pro-life message reminds people of their gift of life, and the beauty of the art will touch the hearts of those who support legal abortion.

A giant 2-1/2-ton version of the statue is on tour across the United States.

Now in the Diocese of Brownsville, Texas, it stands in front of the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle-National Shrine. The placement involved bringing in a special crane and moving it from the maintenance yard to the plaza at the base of the basilica steps.

The Jeevan Smarak will remain there until the end of August.

Catholic Diocese of Brownsville

Father Jorge Gomez, Rector of the Basilica, said“Of all the places it could go, we are especially privileged to have been chosen to visit here.”

Erica Salazar, Associate for the Diocese of Brownsville’s Pro-Life Office, shared the diocese’s gratitude:

“She is beautiful! In a special way she clearly depicts the life she carries in her womb. What is special about this image is the beauty of seeing the humanity and life inside the womb. After working in a pregnancy center I know the importance for a mother to see her baby with a sonogram. At the Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle, people from all walks of life come. Now we have Our Lady to greet them as they approach the entrance…it’s like this. Healing and saving lives. On another note, the timing of her arrival on June 27 was very technical. ! He arrived a few days after Roe v. Wade was overturned. Words cannot describe the joy the icon of Our Lady of Life brings. So much. We are so grateful and feel God’s embrace for our diocese.”

The tour will end at the end of August, when the current toured Life Monument arrives Permanent home in Washington, DCOutside the Theological College of the Catholic University of America, directly across the street from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

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