How new media is changing the way we do business

The content industry has made great progress and development, especially in the social matrix and otherwise. One area that has been a rhetorical area for change through programming is real estate.

Being able to create videos at low cost is nothing new, and YouTube has created a market leader worldwide. However the advertising element is incomparable as it relates to an industry like real estate.

Agents have famously used buses, billboards, TV ads, cold-calling, postcards, digital ads, SEO, and everything in between with varying degrees of success. With a certain amount of profit back investing in marketing as a rule, and TV ads being reserved for only the best and most successful agents because the buy-in is high, or the risk of airing at 3am on a Wednesday.

Reel Agents Levi Lascsak and Travis Plumb tried to use YouTube as a way to promote their new real estate business. In their first year they generated $1 million in commissions but with zero advertising expenses.

“Well, 87% of agents fail in their first two years in real estate,” Lasczak said. “When we met with some of the top influencers in the industry they repeatedly said they had never heard of this story.”

He continued, “They hadn’t heard of agents just going from scratch, especially coming from different industries. I came from a financial services background. Travis had a marketing agency, but he had never implemented YouTube the way we did, he did paid search and paid advertising. And was doing things like that.”

Now the duo teaches agents how to use new age media in the same way. Eventually building a six to seven figure profit business from YouTube without spending any advertising.

“We now also offer editing services on top of that because with YouTube comes editing and optimization and SEO and all that good stuff,” Plumb said. “So now we have an agency for people who want to take advantage of the opportunity.”

The concept of using new types of media to generate external revenue away from the medium has grown dramatically over the past five years.

Podcasts are being used to great effect by people in the entertainment industry, not only to create programming but ultimately to exploit unique stories in TV, film and other content. Social media has turned into a full-fledged industry across the board for both marketing and money generation, and streaming platforms are recognizing that fashion, music, and movements—the zeitgeist—have more cultural influence than they ever imagined. Take Kate Bush’s revival through Stranger Things for example.

Changes in processes have led to more opportunities for a wider group of people. With fewer buy-ins, and creativity paramount, audiences and businesses will continue to see increased opportunities in many areas of media.

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