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If the economy goes into recession, where should you put your money? is a question addressed by fate’s new quarterly investment guide, which you can read here this morning.

For the first time in a long time, we look at how to make meaningful returns from money market funds and other near-cash vehicles, which now offer returns of up to 5%. (See the best ones here.) Why risk the stock market if you can get such risk-free returns?

Experts caution against an all-cash strategy, however, saying it’s worth trying to time the market. At some point, stocks will go up, and if you’re not in the market when that happens, you’ll miss out on the action. So here are some strategies for choosing the best stocks. And if you believe that we Boomers are less qualified to give investment advice than younger folks, here are 10 stocks that are highly favored by Gen Z.

Separately, I spent a day this week in Montgomery, Ala., visiting the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice with a group of corporate executives. fatePartners in EVERFI. The museum and memorial was the brainchild of Brian Stevens and was created to commemorate the experience of black people in America. This is a very moving pair of exhibits, and I recommend them to anyone who manages people. An immersive mix of words, images, data graphics, and video conveys the injustices suffered by black Americans over the past 400 years—from the slave trade to Jim Crow-era lynchings to modern mass incarceration and police killings. Experiencing it won’t make you “woke”—but it will awaken you to the powerful truths that shape modern American life.

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Stock growth

LVMH is on a tear. Already Europe’s largest company by market cap, the luxury house has now broken into the world’s top 10 after first-quarter sales pushed shares up 5% and pushed its value closer to $500 billion. LVMH’s soaring stock has cemented founder and CEO Bernard Arnault’s lead as the world’s richest man.

Friday is the firing day

Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank Personality and founder of the Corcoran Group, he revealed that he reserved Friday to fire his worst employees. In the podcast, Corcoran explained how she enjoys shooting down negative and chronic complainers, who she believes are ruining her team’s positivity. fate

June is approaching

Oracle’s NetSuite unit is joining other tech firms in implementing strict back-to-office policies, requiring most employees to work in person within a 45-minute commute to the office at least twice a week starting June 1. Newly hired employees or those not meeting expectations must work in the office at least three times a week, while fully remote workers must meet or exceed expectations. Bloomberg

Around the watercooler

America’s new rules on EVs are a boon for a startup in Sweden by Vivienne Walt

How Schneider Electric Corporation Became America’s Decarbonization Partner By Peter Vanham

AI-powered chatbot Perplexity, backed by big names Google and Meta, by Jeremy Kahn launches new features as search battle rages on.

American women are increasingly the top earners. But many are still in charge of childcare, cooking and cleaning by Megan Leonhart

PBS is the latest news organization to leave Twitter labeled ‘government funded media’ by Chris Morris

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