Setting up an alternative investment company in Poland (AIC) is an interesting option. However, this requires careful consideration and analysis. Before making a decision, it is worth considering the investment goals, level of risk, capital, as well as the benefits and limitations associated with such investments. How to register an alternative investment company in Poland? Find out from the article below.

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Establishing an alternative investment company in Poland step by step

Setting up an Alternative Investment Company (AIC) requires several steps. Below we describe the general procedure for establishing an AIC in Poland:

  1. Choosing a Legal Form. Initially, it is necessary to choose the legal form in which the AIC will be established. Possible options include a limited liability company (sp. z oo), a joint-stock company (SA), or a limited joint-stock partnership (SKA). Depending on the legal form, investors have responsibilities and different formal requirements.
  2. Registering a company. Next, you need to register the AIC in the National Court Register (Polish: KRS). For this purpose, it will be necessary to submit the company’s statutes, articles of incorporation, company agreement, or other document regulating its operating rules.
  3. fractional capital. The required share capital depends on the legal form selected. In the case of a limited liability company, the minimum share capital is 5000 PLN. For a joint stock company, it will be 100 000 PLN. For a limited joint-stock partnership it is at least 50 000 PLN.
  4. Establish a supervisory board. AIC shall have a supervisory board. Its role is to monitor the company’s management activities and make strategic decisions.
  5. Obtaining permission from the Financial Supervision Commission (Polish KNF). If the AIC invests in alternative financial instruments (such as hedge funds), it may be necessary to obtain permission from the KNF.
  6. Signing of investment agreement. The AIC of Poland must sign an investment agreement. Contracts specify rules for investing funds and profit sharing.

Before setting up an AIC it is important to consult experts in the fields of law and finance. They will help to choose the optimal legal form and define the investment strategy.

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How long does it take to register an alternative investment company in Poland?

The registration time of an alternative investment company depends on several factors. The type of company, the number of founders and the amount of documents to prepare matters. The complexity of the registration process also affects it. The registration process of AIC in Poland can take a few weeks to several months.

In any case, before registering an AIC, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the legal regulations and organizational requirements you must meet. Strict registration procedures are necessary to ensure the proper and safe functioning of AIC. It is also important to protect the interests of investors.

Do you have to pay to register an alternative investment company in Poland?

Setting up an alternative investment company involves certain costs. Below you will find the estimated costs associated with establishing an AIC:

  • Notary costs. Establishing an AIC requires creating Articles of Association. It must be signed before a notary. Notary costs depend on the value of the share capital and the complexity of the document. Estimated notary costs range from several hundred to several thousand zlotys;
  • Cost of registration with National Court Register. To register an AIC in the National Court Register, you must pay a registration fee. The cost of registering an AIC in the National Court Register is approximately 500 PLN.
  • Cost of legal and financial advice. Before setting up an AIC, it is worth using the services of legal and financial advisors. They will help to choose the optimal legal form and develop an investment strategy. The cost of legal and financial advice depends on the scope of the service. They are also determined by the experience and reputation of the advisors.
  • Costs associated with maintaining the AIC. After installing an AIC, one needs to remember about the costs associated with its maintenance. They include, for example, accounting, auditing services, or asset management costs. These costs depend on the size of the AIC and the type of operating activity.

It is worth noting that the above cost is only an approximate price. The actual costs associated with establishing an AIC may vary based on individual needs and circumstances.

Do you need to consult your thoughts and concerns about the AIC?

We invite you to contact our experts. They will provide detailed answers to your questions. They will also advise on the appropriate legal form for AIC in your case. Our experts can help you complete all the necessary formalities.

Is it worth setting up an alternative investment company in Poland?

As with any decision of this nature, establishing and registering an alternative investment company is worth careful consideration. It is best to consult organizations that specialize in this type of consulting.

Here are some factors to consider before deciding to set up an AIC:

  • Investment risk. AICs often invest in assets that are riskier than those chosen by traditional investment funds. This can lead to huge profits, but also huge losses. Before making a decision, it is worth analyzing the risks associated with the given assets. You should also consider to what extent they are compatible with your investment profile.
  • capital required. Alternative investment companies generally require a higher minimum investment capital. Sometimes that means it’s only available to wealthy investors. On the other hand, a higher minimum investment amount allows one to focus on long-term goals.
  • Lack of liquidity. Alternative investment companies typically have less liquid investments than traditional investment funds. This means that once you decide to liquidate your investment, it may be difficult to sell or resell the assets. This requires a well thought out investment strategy and a good exit plan.
  • Potential benefits. An AIC can provide benefits such as higher profitability, portfolio diversification, or greater control over investments. Many of them invest in real estate, foreign markets, commodities, or private equity funds. This can bring benefits not available in traditional investment funds.

In summary, setting up an alternative investment company has its advantages. However, this also requires careful consideration and analysis.

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