New York, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — interior—a marketing platform for delivering personalized, cross-channel customer experiences—launched more than 20 industry-leading features this quarter, including their integration hub, WhatsApp Commerce, Eureka – personal search on the web, Web Push support for Mac Safari, iOS, and iPadOS, and more. These advancements aim to help businesses future-proof their customer experience and increase revenue from a centralized platform.

Insider helps more than 1,200 leading enterprise brands and high-growth startups — including Samsung, Pizza Hut, Clarins, wood wood, Marks and Spencer, the virgin, Burger King, Toyota, Singapore Airlines, CNN, Lenovo, and Mac – Accelerate digital growth and create delightful customer experiences by connecting data across channels, predicting future behavior with AI and personalizing experiences.

To support changing user behavior and a fast-changing economy, Insider launched a range of new products and features to deliver added value to businesses by leveraging the strength of their existing tech stack. This quarter, Insider delivered innovative solutions to expand channel capabilities and help Brands treat each touchpoint as a revenue driver and conversion opportunity.

Introducing Insider’s Integration Hub

Offering over 100 tools and connectors, Insider’s Integration Hub This means brands can now integrate their existing tech stack with Insider to increase operational efficiency, unify their data, and elevate their customer experiences.

The aim of this new launch is to help businesses seamlessly scale their customer experience (CX) by integrating with pre-selected tools or opting for custom integration with APIs. Insider’s Integration Hub offers integrations in more than 20 categories—including CRM, Analytics, Ads, Social Media, and more—allowing businesses to combine the power of their martech stack and create highly personalized experiences for users with integrated data.

WhatsApp Commerce: Create end-to-end conversational buying experiences within WhatsApp

Insider had the biggest launch of the quarter WhatsApp Commerce– After the present Acquisition of MindBhind and become an official Meta Business Solutions Partner (BSP). Insider now offers 360-degree WhatsApp solutions starting from WhatsApp Business account creation, template approval, campaign creation, opt-in templates, segmentation, personalization, reporting, and more.

With this launch, consumers can discover, browse and buy products, and engage with businesses—within the app they spend most of their time in—and in the conversational style they use with their friends and family.

WhatsApp Commerce allows businesses to deliver immersive web-style experiences within WhatsApp, with the power of two-way conversational messaging. This pioneering technology will enable businesses to create seamless buying experiences by sending personalized promotions, capturing leads, and launching products to deliver post-purchase confirmations and loyalty experiences.

Businesses in any industry can benefit from WhatsApp Commerce, as the app is now the world’s most popular messaging channel, with over 2 billion active users and an open rate of 99%. It improves product discovery, increases sales, improves AOV, optimizes CAAC, increases CLTV, and improves repeat purchases by running specific campaigns like product launches for retail, flight reminders with ancillary sales for travel, lead generation tools like interest calculators for banking provides opportunities to and test drive booking forms for finance, and automotive, enabling users to meet their goals with fewer clicks and no redirects.

“Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce has fundamentally changed how we interact with our customers. We are now able to meet our audience where they already are and provide complete order booking experiences at the touch of a button within their favorite app. Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce allows us to build More personalized and conversational shopping experiences for our audience as an extension of our promotional campaigns — allowing them to take advantage of our offers, browse our menu and order without leaving WhatsApp. This significantly reduced cart abandonment by 61% and increased our monthly has improved the average order value by 38%.”
– E-Commerce Director, Food Retailer

With WhatsApp Commerce, brands can use templates like product cards, category lists, catalogs, conversation flows, rich CTA messages, payment integrations and more to impress customers.

Integrate with CDP to integrate data and measurement experiences

Businesses can now take advantage of Insider’s most popular CDP integrations section, Tilliumand mParticle To enable deep segmentation in Insider to exchange user events and audience data. These integrations empower brands to provide hyper-personalized recommendations based on user data and offline user data, loyalty scores, purchase history, and category preferences to create highly relevant online experiences.

Reduce CAC with personalized remarketing on social media platforms like Tiktok and Facebook

Businesses can now deliver powerful remarketing campaigns across channels Google Ads, Tick ​​tock, Facebook advertisingand Facebook Offline Ads Using user actions on the web, apps and other channels supported by Insider.

of TikTok The popularity makes it one of the many vertical options for remarketing and re-engaging their visitors and users, including retail, banking, finance, travel, and automotive brands. Insider’s AI-powered segmentation empowers businesses to use more than 25 algorithms to create razor-sharp segments based on user behavior. And, with Insider’s one-click TikTok integration, businesses can send these fine-tuned segments to TikTok to reduce CAC and accelerate engagement.

Fast integration, seamless connections, increased efficiency

Other popular integrations include plug-and-play connectivity ShopifyTwo-way data connections with analytics tools like Mixpanel and Amplitude, connectivity with CRM tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Hubspot, retail apps, productivity tools, and support solutions like Zendesk and more.

”Insider’s team actively supported us during the integration process, suggesting best practices that would help us squeeze more out of their platform. With Insider, our entire marketing process has been greatly simplified, and this, along with the excellent technical support, makes Lego an excellent choice for us.’
Marketing and eCommerce Manager at LEGO

Eureka: Personalize search results for online shoppers with AI-led recommendations

Eureka is a product discovery platform that enables brands to curate intelligent, relevant and fast search experiences by showing personalized recommendations powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Search results are active Eureka Reflects each shopper’s unique interests and similarities, such as their favorite brands, sizes, styles, and colors. The most relevant products for each user are sorted and displayed at the top of the search results to help shoppers find their favorite products faster than ever before.

“We love the ability to predict search terms and display unique search results to each user based on their affinity. This is one of the best features on our website, helping us stand out from our competition.”
– Ecommerce Director, Eveshop

Eureka’s advanced faceting filters and sorting capabilities help improve search accuracy and speed product discovery by allowing customers to filter products based on attributes and characteristics.

Increase subscriber reach with Web Push for Safari users on Mac, iOS and iPad

After Apple’s recent beta launch Web Push for Home Screen Web Apps for iOS and iPadOS 16.4, Insider is expanding web push support for these devices. The launch means push notifications from web apps on iOS and iPad will now appear on the lock screen, in the notification center and on pairs of Apple Watches, ensuring higher open and click-through rates for brands. Now, notifications from web apps will work just like notifications from other apps.

Brands will soon be able to send push notifications to Safari web apps on users’ home screens for hand-held devices — even when the app isn’t open. This means marketers can extend their audience reach to the 1.5 billion active iOS users and iPad users with personalized push notifications.

Recognized by G2 as the #1 leader in integration, mobile marketing, personalization, and CDP categories

G2 Spring Reports confirmed Insider as the #1 leader in multiple categories, recognized by users for their industry-leading capabilities and fast time to value. 98% of Insider’s customers believe the product is moving in the right direction, with 96% open to recommending them to prospects looking for an AI-led cross-channel journey orchestration solution, mobile-first strategy, and integration capabilities.

Insider will continue to empower businesses to create personalized experiences with richer capabilities, faster execution, and higher results—putting customer preferences and integrated customer data at the core of these experiences.

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