Integrated Compliance secures strategic investment from Allomer Capital

Las Vegas, August 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Unified Compliance (UC), an industry leader in assisting businesses with governance, risk, and compliance processes and audits, has received a strategic growth investment from Allomer Capital.

While compliance is a top priority for every organization, companies are challenged to manage risk and ensure compliance with all relevant rules, regulations, policies, and other requirements across multiple sets of rules and policies, multiple organizations, and different systems and platforms. Failure or inability to demonstrate success can lead to large fines and, in some cases, project suspension and even business closure.

“We weren’t looking for an investor – we were looking for the right strategic investor, and we found it in Elomar Capital. They provide the strategic partnership and shared vision we need to help grow our API Gateway business,” says the UC CEO. Dorian Kugias.

Integrated Compliance and Elomar Capital have joined forces to create a comprehensive, easy-to-use framework for regulatory automation. The Common Controls Framework is a comprehensive set of policies, standards, procedures and controls that provide an all-inclusive solution for compliance management. Additionally, with the upcoming launch of their new API Gateway, set to be released later this year, they continue to ease the burden on risk and compliance professionals. The UC team’s new API Gateway and other compliance as code sources can be found at

“Due to UCF’s critical role in the GRC world, we are investing in strengthening their core team with additional industry experience and exceptional talent to continue to position the company for rapid growth as their API Gateway and additional tools are released,” said Steve ChangManaging Partner of Allomer Capital Group.

About Allomer Capital Group

Allomer Capital Group is a private investment firm that invests flexible, long-term capital in partnership with leading industry executives to help companies accelerate growth and maximize potential. Allomer Capital is a partnership between Sh. Steve Chang and Moore Strategic Ventures, LLC, a privately held investment company Louis M. Bacon, founder and CEO of Moore Capital Management, LP. Founder of Allomer, Steve ChangTotal investment has increased $1.2 billion of capital in more than 25 companies in sectors such as technology, technology-enabled services, healthcare and media.

About Integrated Compliance

Unified Compliance (UC) provides Global 2000 with the world’s most vetted compliance framework and supporting API. Their Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF®) is the world’s most comprehensive library of over 1000 interdependent regulatory compliance documents and the world’s only commercially accessible Unified Compliance. Framework (UCF). AWS, Verizon, Google, JPMorgan, NASA, US Treasury, and hundreds of other organizations across industries rely on UC’s multi-patented processes and Application Programming Interface (API). UCF incorporates artificial and augmented intelligence to simplify, strengthen and support compliance processes, ensuring greater ease of certification and compliance success. Integrated Compliance’s logical, scientific approach to compliance simplifies the process. It helps compliance professionals gather the evidence needed to prove compliance in the most cost-efficient method available in the market. Detailed information is at

contact: Jody Mack, [email protected]

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