‘Jellyfish Cut’ Hair Trend: Nicole Kidman-Endorsed Hair Trend Making a Splash on TikTok

Somehow sea creatures feel good in such a place.

Every so often, beauty trends either come full circle or develop new iterations that are left of the field, making it impossible to understand where they originated from.

Now, TikTok has set its sights on a haircut trend that’s eye-catching — meet the ‘jellyfish cut’.

Lead image via @_yanyanchan.
Come 2022 and it’s clear that a chic new style sourcing hour is not top of the agenda. Instead, many are opting for tighter cuts, freed from the hassle of heating up a curling iron and putting the work in the hands of our stylists.
Thankfully, this layer-loving cut isn’t even a difficult style to give your hair professional a whirl, two levels of trimming and it’s done. Not only that but Hollywood’s A-list have jumped on the sea creature bandwagon, with Australia’s own Nicole Kidman sporting a jellyfish cut in her latest photoshoot.
In a recent interview for the cover Best magazine, Kidman donned a series of Gen Z-approved fashion moments, even flexing some serious triceps, but it was her mane that caught the world’s attention. The natural redhead went back to her crimson roots, this time with hip-length tresses that were expertly cut into a TikTok-approved trend.

For Kidman’s version of the controversial cut, her mane was pinned straight with the top third cut to sit around chin length and the rest falling from her sides to end around her hip level.

If you look closely there are subtle layers sprinkled in for a dose of texture, but of course, there’s a good chance her stiff mane is just a wig—unless Kidman’s walking the streets of Hollywood with a mullet, then we’ll be happy. eat crow

Below, we dive deep into the jellyfish cut hair trend—from what it actually is to how you can style it yourself.

What is a jellyfish haircut?

Before you panic, hair has nothing to do with marine life other than the inspiration behind its shape. And if the name sounds familiar to you, there’s a good chance you’re thinking of another sea creature-related trend, the octopus cut.

While both resemble their own tentacled creatures, the helifish haircut silhouette has a rounded, bell-like shape that resembles the floating, stinging creature’s body.

Basically, the cut is an interesting spin on the mallet and bowl, in which the layers between the front and back sections of the hair are closed, playing with opposite lines and shapes. Looking a little closer at the trend, the cut is divided into two very distinct segments. The upper part acts as the previously mentioned bowl – dramatically ending around the ear or chin – the lower half forms the layer beneath the hair, and ends at the shoulder, like the tentacles of a jellyfish.

While there are endless iterations of the cut, seeing the hair split into two sections at any length will likely be a tribute to the jellyfish.

How to Style a Jellyfish Haircut

If you’re looking to make an ocean-shaped statement with your tresses, then the jellyfish cut is for you. As for how to style the cut, it can seem incredibly daunting, but thankfully it doesn’t have to be.

Starting with the initial cut, make sure it’s tailored to your face shape – think about what length will be most flattering. By playing with the two lengths of cut you should discover the best ways to contour or highlight your face shape. So, those with a round face can opt for longer layers, while those with a strong jawline can place the first layer under the jawline.

No matter your hair texture, the jellyfish cut will compliment any curl pattern and thankfully, is easy to maintain. Aside from a light touch up with a hot tool, the jellyfish cut is essentially a wash and go hair. Mix it up a bit by pinning your hair straight and making the layers noticeable, or add texture with balms and sprays to create subtle variations in length.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, we recommend having your hairstylist take a series of inspiration photos. While, sure, they may know the exact haircut you’re talking about, a specific reference point is always welcomed with open arms.

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