As technology advances, the finance industry has seen significant changes in the way investments are managed. Hedge funds like Kestrel Investment Management Corp. have had to adapt to these changes and adjust their investment portfolios accordingly.

According to its most recent 13F filing with the SEC, Kestrel Investment Management Corp acquired Brighthouse Financial, Inc. during the fourth quarter of this year. (NASDAQ:BHF) decreased its stake by 6.3%. As a result, they now own fewer shares of the company’s stock, making it their sixth-largest holding.

It’s worth noting that Brighthouse Financial is currently one of Kestrel Investment Management Corp.’s many stocks, but a decrease in their stake in this particular company could indicate several things. From a financial perspective, this could indicate that Kestrel Investment Management Corp. is looking to further diversify its portfolio or may already have other investments elsewhere.

Besides, other external factors can also play here. Perhaps Kestrel Investment Management Corp. is responding to market conditions or concerns about Brighthouse Financial specifically. Understanding why hedge funds make certain decisions can provide valuable insight into market trends and help investors better understand where to put their money.

After selling some of its shares in Brighthouse Financial in Q4 2023, Kestrel Investment Management Corp now owns 128,500 shares valued at $6,588,000. This small cut doesn’t mean much to either party; However, it serves as an indicator of the ever-changing investment landscape and how small fluctuations can affect the overall financial markets.

Currently trading at $42.80 per share on Friday with a market cap of $2.90 billion and a P/E ratio of -13.76 and a beta value of 1.26; Brighthouse Financial saw a modest gain during this week’s trading session reaching $0.28 from Thursday’s close. These statistics reiterate the importance of making well-informed investment decisions by considering a range of factors, including a firm’s one-year highs and lows, along with market trends, fundamentals, and risk tolerance.

In conclusion, while the reduction in Kestrel Investment Management Corp.’s stake in Brighthouse Financial may be small, it still holds significance in the broader context of financial markets. For investors looking to make strategic investments, it is important to keep updated on these types of developments to determine the optimal investment plan.

Brighthouse Financial, Inc. Despite mixed analyst opinions, many institutional investors see the stake increasing

Brighthouse Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ:BHF) is experiencing a correction in its holdings as more investors increase their stakes in the insurance and annuity provider. Institutional investors now own 79.90% of the company’s shares, and Ellevest Inc., International Assets Investment LLC, Whittier Trust Co. of Nevada Inc., Quadrant Capital Group LLC, and Lazard Asset Management LLC have all modified their holdings of BHF. Ellevest increased its holdings by 206.3%, International Asset Investment Management bought a new position, Whittier Trust Co. increased its stake by 98.1%, Quadrant Capital Group increased its stake by 112.7%, and Lazard Asset Management increased its holdings by 51.4%.

Several analysts have recently issued reports on BHF stock with differing opinions. Wells Fargo & Co raised its price target to $57 from $53 but gave the stock an “equal weight” rating while Jefferies Financial Group raised its target price to $60 from $55 but still gave it a “hold” rating. Piper Sandler cut its price target to $46 from $56 and set a “neutral” rating while Morgan Stanley lowered its price target to $53 from $64 with an “equal weight” rating, and Barclays cut theirs to $46 from $58 but “ Equal Weight” rating maintained. .

Brighthouse Financial operates as a holding company offering life insurance and annuities through independent distribution channels and marketing arrangements with various partners, including annuity, life, run-off, and corporate and other segments.

Although down 77.5% from the same quarter last year, Brighthouse Financial reported impressive earnings results for the quarter ended February 10; Revenue was $454 million compared to analyst estimates of $1.99 billion while EPS was reported at $3.51 compared to the consensus estimate of $2.05. Finally, equities research analysts predict that Brighthouse Financial will post $14.53 earnings per share for the current year.

Investors who may be curious and want to see what BHF’s other hedge funds are up to can visit HoldingsChannel.com and keep an eye on insider trades and the latest 13F filings.

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