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Michael Kovac

Movado Group, Inc.NYSE:MOV) first caught my attention in August 2021, but as a contrarian, I had a hard time justifying its high rating at the time. Recently, its stock price dipped below $30, rekindling my interest—a feeling that might have happened

A different price point for each brand that Movado carries

Price range of brands (FY2023 10K)

License sales increase overall revenue

Breakdown of sales (FY2023 10K)

Fossil sales are declining

Breakdown of sales (FY2022 10K)

Termination of partnership with Fossil

Maturity Date of Fossil Carrying Brands (FY2022 10K)

Comparing the Movado PE ratio over time

Movado PE Ratio from 2008 to 2023 (Roic.ai)

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