If you own a recreational vehicle (RV), you know that there are certain needs to consider when looking for insurance coverage.

Nationwide ranks as one of the top RV insurance providers in Money. The company offers basic insurance coverage and a variety of deductibles. It also offers many additional functions such as vacation responsibility, roadside assistance, safety glass replacement and towing.

Read this review to learn more about Nationwide’s RV insurance and see if it’s right for you.

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Best for a variety of discounts

Whether you’re using your RV for the holidays or as a permanent place for your home or business, Nationwide offers several discounts:

  • Multi-policy: Discount for combining boat, home, life, or other vehicle policies
  • Multi-vehicle: Discount when bundling two or more ATVs, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles or scooters
  • RV Association: Discount if you are a member of a recreational vehicle club, such as the National Recreational Vehicle Owners Association
  • Recreational Vehicle Safety Course: Discount for completing an approved RV safety course such as that offered by the RV Safety and Education Foundation
  • No-claim renewal: Discount on renewal if your prior confidentiality period was free of claims
  • Pre-insurance: A discount on your insurance premium to maintain ongoing coverage for your RV or RV
  • good driver Safe driving and zero accident discount for 36 consecutive months
  • Paid in full: A deductible if you pay your premium in full for your full term policy when you are billed

It is important to note that the exact amount of each rebate can vary by state and Nationwide does not provide details without submitting a quote request for a specific RV.

The pros and cons of nationwide recreational vehicle insurance

  • Many packages and coverages are available in an insurance policy
  • Allows clients to review and modify coverage
  • Do not submit quotes online
  • Not all discounts are listed on the site
  • Many customer complaints about the claims process

Pros explained

Allows clients to review and modify coverage

Nationwide lets you review and adjust your RV insurance coverage as often as you need to. This means that you will no longer be required to adhere to a policy that no longer suits your needs.

For example, if you’ve purchased the vacation liability add-on and no longer need it because you’re no longer traveling, you don’t have to worry about a long contract. Alternatively, you can simply speak with a Nationwide agent to cancel your coverage and you will not be charged.

Many packages and coverages are available in an insurance policy

Nationwide there are a number of optional coverage options you can add on after purchasing an RV insurance policy, including:

  • Roadside assistance: Nationwide RV Roadside Assistance offers 24/7 emergency assistance if you need a tire change, fuel, tow, or jump start. It also covers trip interruption expenses that occur when you are more than 50 miles from home.
  • Safety glass replacement: This pays for an RV windshield replacement in the event of an accident.
  • Draw and work: This covers labor and towing, as well as trip interruption expenses such as transportation, lodging, and meals.
  • Scheduled replacement and personal property cost: Scheduled replacement and personal property costs are an option that provides more coverage for higher value items. It is provided as basic insurance for every type of RV user. This policy coverage is paid before any other policy, which avoids the need to file a homeowners insurance claim if something happens to your RV while you are on your property.
  • Leave responsibility: This option provides protection in the event of an accident while the RV is being used as temporary housing. Nationwide will save up to $10,000 in coverage with any RV that has physical damage coverage under both collision and comprehensive coverage.

Cons explained

Do not submit quotes online

Nationwide does not offer RV insurance quotes online. You should call Nationwide at 1-877-669-6877 or speak to your local RV insurance agent to get a quote.

Not all discounts are listed on the site

Many of the available discounts are not listed on the Nationwide website, and some only appear during the pricing process. As such, you may have a hard time knowing how many deductions apply to your RV plan until you talk to a Nationwide dealer. This makes comparing different recreational vehicle insurance plans difficult.

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Nationwide cruise ship insurance policy plans and offers

As with traditional auto insurance, Nationwide RV insurance covers in a variety of ways for unforeseen events. Nationwide plans and offers include:

liability for bodily injury

The Nationwide Bodily Injury Liability Plan pays compensation for bodily injury damages in an accident where you are at-fault. It can cover loss of income and the injured party’s medical bills up to your coverage limit.

Uninsured motorist

Nationwide’s uninsured driver coverage compensates you for damage or injury caused by a driver who does not have any liability insurance. You will receive compensation up to your coverage limits.

Insured driver

While a driver may be insured, he may not have sufficient insurance to cover damages or injuries caused by him. The coverage protects you by paying for a portion of the damages that other driver coverage does not cover. You will receive compensation up to your coverage limits.

Property damage liability insurance

Property damage liability insurance helps pay for damage to someone else’s property or vehicle if you have an accident that is your fault.


This pays for damages to your RV if you hit another object or vehicle, your RV flips over or you hit another vehicle.

medical payments

Nationwide Medical Payments coverage helps pay medical expenses for you, your passengers, and family members due to accidental bodily injury while in an RV, no matter who is at fault.


A comprehensive option provides coverage for non-collision RV loss, such as:

  • vandalism
  • falling objects
  • Contact with animals
  • praises
  • fire

Nationwide recreational vehicle insurance pricing

On average, RV insurance can cost $500 to $3,000 per year. The cost of recreational vehicle insurance depends on several factors:

  • Make, Model and Value of Your RV: Older RVs usually have lower premiums, while newer RV models usually have higher premiums. Travel trailers, camper vans, and other types of RVs also have different premiums.
  • How to use an RV: Commercial and recreational vehicle insurance tends to be more expensive than vacation use due to the constant wear and tear of the vehicle.
  • Whether you choose optional coverage: You’ll pay a higher premium if you choose optional coverage.
  • Gender, age, and marital status of the RV operator: Insurance premiums tend to be higher for people who are more likely to have accidents, such as male drivers, drivers under 25 or over 70, and single drivers. Check out our review of the best car insurance for high-risk drivers to learn more.

Since you can’t get a quote online from Nationwide, you’ll have to call Nationwide or visit a local dealership to get a custom estimate for your situation.

Financial stability nationwide

Financial stability in an RV insurance company is vital to being confident that you have reliable payments and coverage. You can find providers’ financial strength ratings from credit rating agencies such as Demotech and DBRS, Inc. and AM Best.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, the highest entity in the Nationwide corporate structure, is rated A+ (excellent) by AM Best.

Accessibility nationwide


Nationwide is licensed in all 50 states. However, terms and availability of RV insurance plans and packages may vary by state. Also, some discounts may not apply to all policy coverages.

contact information

You can contact the cruise ship insurance company nationwide by calling 1-877-669-6877 on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST or Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST.

Alternatively, you can speak to your local Nationwide dealer if you prefer face-to-face meetings. Unlike many of its competitors, Nationwide does not have a 24/7 online chat functionality.

user experience

Compared to its competitors, Nationwide’s website lacks information on RV insurance policies. Although Nationwide has an education center, most of the articles are educational content about other types of insurance, such as auto, home, and small business insurance.

Also, Nationwide does not allow customers to view or download sample standard policies. As a result, customers may have a hard time understanding if Nationwide is the best insurance company for them.

We also had difficulty finding more information through phone calls. When we called Nationwide Customer Service to find out more about the company’s RV insurance, the agent told us that they couldn’t give us any price estimates or even a price range unless we had detailed information about a specific RV.

Satisfying RV Insurance Customers Nationwide

Although JD Power did not specifically rate customer satisfaction for recreational vehicle insurance nationwide, it did evaluate customer satisfaction ratings for Nationwide’s auto insurance products in 2022. According to this study, Nationwide received below average ratings ‚ÄčIn the following areas:

  • California – Nationwide received 787/1000 (regional average was 820/1000)
  • Central – nationally a score of 800/1000 (the regional average was 835/1000)
  • Mid-Atlantic – Nationwide it scored 829/1000 (regional average was 839/1000)
  • North Central – Nationwide it scored 809/1000 (the regional average was 838/1000)

The only region where Nationwide had above average customer satisfaction ratings was the Southeast with a score of 850/1000. The regional average for the Southeast was 849/1000.

However, Nationwide received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), indicating that the company has made good faith efforts to properly handle customer complaints.

Frequently asked questions about nationwide recreational vehicle insurance

Is Nationwide good at paying claims?

AM Best has awarded Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, the highest entity in the nationwide corporate structure, an A+ (excellent) rating. While this indicates the ability to pay claims, there are many customer complaints of not receiving the payments they expected due to what was stated in their policies.

Nationwide is a recognized national brand that is BBB certified, with an A+ rating.

Which states have the cheapest RV insurance?

Nationwide does not offer RV insurance rates on its site or over the phone. You should call the company or speak to a local nationwide agent to get a custom quote.

How we evaluated recreational vehicle insurance nationwide

We evaluated recreational vehicle insurance nationwide by analyzing the following:

  • The number and quality of recreational vehicle insurance discounts available
  • Plans and policy offerings and the extent to which they meet a range of needs
  • Financial strength ratings according to AM Best
  • Insurance reviews and ratings from trusted third party websites such as the BBB

Money’s Nationwide RV Insurance Review Summary

Nationwide RV insurance can protect you and cover the cost of an RV in the event of a covered accident. Nationwide offers a wide range of discounts, including discounts for multiple vehicles, multiple policies, taking recreational vehicle safety courses, and maintaining a safe driving record for 36 months.

However, Nationwide does not provide online quotes or comprehensive information about online discounts.

Check out our RV rental insurance tips to learn more about your options. If you use an RV for travel, see our review of the best travel insurance.

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