New addition to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 current playlist (#106)

Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist is here, right now, to keep you informed about all the best songs and albums coming out in country and original music. It’s available in almost all streaming formats (see below), or you can use song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to. New songs have just been added.

New additions:

Bella White – “The Way I Must Go” – Bella White blew a lot of people away with her debut album as if left, which was eventually picked up and reissued by Rounder Records. Now she’s back with a new song that has a bit more of a honky tonk feel than her more understated and acoustic sound. “The Way I Oughta Go” will definitely get you excited for what Bella White has in store for the future.

Jonathan Terrell – “Texas” – This East Texas poet turns into a neoclassical trip back to the golden age of country music with a delving into the heart of Texas mythology. A great tune from Terrell a pair, 2, 3, The EP is coming out on September 9th.

Sunny Sweeney Achievement. Vince Gill – “Married Alone” – Before we got a glimpse of this title track from Sonny Sweeney’s new album out on September 23rd, we knew it was going to be heartbreaking like only Sonny Sweeney can deliver. It’s the kind of killer country song you can build an album around. Adding Vince Gill to the mix makes it even more legit. This is the second Vince Gill appearance on the playlist; He also sings on Wade Bowen’s “A Guitar, A Singer, and a Song.” “Married Alone” was written by Hannah Blaylock, Josh Morningstar and Autumn McIntyre.

Parker McCollum – “Handle On You” – This is the version of Parker McCollum that we need to be Parker McCollum: practical by releasing some radio play, but without sacrificing the quality songwriting cues of his early career, or the steel guitar that blends so well with his music. “Handle On You” is already shooting up the charts, but deserves inclusion here to highlight that mainstream country doesn’t always have to be bad.

Kelsey Walden – “The Tall and Mighty” – Being brutally honest about her bouts of indecision and self-doubt, but following it all with a sense of gratitude is what earned Kelsey Walden’s new album. No regular dog High praise, with smooth sound orchestrated by producer Shooter Jennings. All of these are on top of the song “Tall and Mighty”.

Kahlen Morrison – “Dark and Dreary World” – Recorded in an old adobe chapel in the remote village of Jaroso near the Colorado/New Mexico border, “Dark and Dreary World” dispels any notion that capturing audio magic requires the aid of equipment and fancy production. This timeless original a cappella song comes from Kahlen Morrison’s recent release, Wealth of sorrows.

Hellbound Glory – “Can’t Wait To Never See You Again” – From one of the most underrated songwriters in country music, “Can’t Wait to Never See You Again” features Leroy Virgil’s always sharp writing, albeit steeped in a more traditional country approach than usual, with the fiddle finding its place high in the mix, and the chorus a burst of embellished harmonies. From the upcoming Shooter Jennings-produced album Glory of Immortal Hell: No one knows you Out September 30.

Alex Keys – “Turn Anywhere in Honky Tonk” – A true country honky-tonker from North Carolina, Alex Key has been flying relatively under the radar, but after the release of his new album, many people are singing his praises. Neon signs and stained glass.


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Please note: The songs in this playlist have been curated for listening pleasure and flow. Otherwise, they are in no particular order.

Saving the Top 25 Current Playlist of Country Music:
  • “Where I Went Wrong”broken speech – Where I went wrong
  • “Years” – Sierra Ferrell – Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson
  • “My Grass Is Blue” – Kimmy Bitter – (single)
  • “Turn Anywhere into a Honky Tonk” – Alex Keys – Neon signs and stained glass
  • “The Way I Gotta Go” – Bella White – (single)
  • “Can’t Wait To Never See You Again” – Hellbound Glory – Glory of Immortal Hell: No one knows you (9-30)
  • “Honky Tonk Town” – Kimberly Kelly – I’ll tell you what’s going to happen
  • “Texas” – Jonathan Terrell – a pair, 2, 3, EP (9-9)
  • “The Trouble with the Hammer” – Konrad Fischer – (single)
  • “Marriage Alone” – Sunny Sweeney with Vince Gill – Married alone (9-23)
  • “Vanlife” – Willie Carlisle – Special, Missouri
  • “Weatherman” – Matt Daniels – All I ever need
  • “A Guitar, A Singer, and a Song” – Wade Bowen w/ Vince Gill – Somewhere between mystery and truth (8-12)
  • “Always the Outsider” – Stacy Antonel – Always an outsider
  • “Back Home” – Arlo McKinley w/ Logan Halstead – This is the mess we are in
  • “Russell County Line” – 49 Winchester – Fortune favors the bold
  • “The Tall and the Mighty” – Kelsey Walden – No regular dog
  • “Common Law” – Joe Cummins, Gabe Lee – (single)
  • “Son of Appalachia” – Tim Goodin – Son of Appalachia EP
  • “I Hear Everything You Say” – Broken Spokes – Where I went wrong
  • “Dark and Dreary World” – Kahlen Morrison – Wealth of sorrows
  • “Bourbon Whiskey” – William Beckman – Blurred memories
  • “Oklahoma Smokeshow” – Zach Bryan – Summertime Blues
  • “Waking Up the Echoes” – American Aquarium – chicamacomico
  • “Harder Stuff” – Adam Hood, Miranda Lambert – Bad days are good (9-16)
  • “Handle On You” – Parker McCollum – (single)

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