New music picks: Demi Lovato, Julieta Venegas, Silvana Estrada and more

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features Demi Lovato’s “29” making waves online, the anticipated collaboration between Anita and Missy Elliott, and beautiful songs from Mexican singers Julieta Venegas and Silvana Estrada.

Also on the list: Nicole Zignago steps out with Sofia Reyes, and Colombian singer Fide celebrates his birthday. Also, Victoria La Mala collaborates with Selena’s band members and Camilo goes banda with Grupo Ferme.

Demi Lovato, “29”

Demi Lovato is back with her new album “Holy Fvck.” (This month, he started using she/her pronoun In addition to them/them.) Along with the LP’s release, she also dropped a lyric video for her latest single, “29.” Lovato returns to her pop-rock roots, singing about a relationship with a huge age gap. A talking song perhaps point out How Lovato Met Her Ex Wilmer Valderrama At 17 When He Was 29 Start dating Until Lovato turned 18. “Finally 29, as fun as you were then,” Lovato belted out. A striking power ballad started Conversations on TikTok about grooming in relationships. More than a decade into her music career, Lovato proves that she can still sing her heart out with her words like no one else can.

Julita Venegas, “On Your Edge”

Julieta Venegas continues the rollout of new singles with “En Tu Orilla”. Earlier this year, the Mexican singer-songwriter returned with the funky “Mismo Amor.” She then followed with the haunting “Caminar Solo.” Originally, “En Tu Orilla” was a cumbia-influenced song that producer Alex Anwandter turned into a stunning synth-pop track. Venegas’ sweet love song was inspired by the poem “Guárdame En Ti” by Chilean author Raul Zurita. Anwandter’s electronic touch adds a new feel to the song, while the accordion brings a timeless sound. The music video was shot in Buenos Aires Carmen Rivoeira. When creating the video, Venegas told Latina, “I really like the water, moon and nature in the video. I think it gives a lot of magic, and it makes me think edgeOf the person I ask in the song Let me stay there forever.

Anita and Missy Elliott, “The Lobby”

The long-awaited Anitta and Missy Elliott collaboration is finally here! The Brazilian superstar began teasing his “Versions of Me” deluxe edition album earlier this month with music videos for “Gata” and “El Que Espera” featuring Maluma. She saved the best for last with “The Lobby,” featuring Elliott. Anita embraces a funky disco-pop sound as she sings about a hot and heavy romance. Elliott moves in at the halfway point and turns up the heat with her odd guest verse. The charming “Lobby” proves that Anita can raise the roof in any language. Elliott, for collaboration with Anitta told Latina, “Missy was a big surprise! She’s like, wow! A queen! Such a humble person. I love it.”

Silvana Estrada, “Toast”

Silvana Estrada His album “Marchita” is having a breakthrough year. The Mexican singer-songwriter keeps the momentum going with her upcoming EP “Abrazo.” The EP includes songs recorded during both the “Marchita” sessions and newly recorded tracks. Estrada is teasing the EP with her new single “Brindo.” Backed by the gentle strumming of his guitar, the artist raises a glass to the beauty of life. As for her inspiration for the heartfelt ballad, she told Latina, “I wanted a song that captured the emotions that flood me when I think about my path and my work. The idea of ​​creating human connections through music.” The “Abrazo” EP will be released on September 21st. At the same time, his journey will touch down in the US.

Nicole Zignago and Sofia Reyes, “Cold Heart”

Nicole Zignago is joining the cast with Sofia Reyes, with whom she has previously written several hit songs. The Peruvian singer-songwriter teamed up with Reyes for her new single “Corazon Frio.” Zignago previously co-wrote Reyes’ global hits “1, 2, 3” and “Casualidad” on the Mexican singer’s latest album “Mal De Amores.” Friends and longtime collaborators join forces for Zignago’s frosty synth-pop anthem. Zignago and Reyes trade verses about moving on from past relationships that left them feeling cold. In the music video, after discovering their ex-partners are living together, two women break into a house and let their frustration run wild. This girl power moment between friends leads to a feel-good pop track that feels cathartic.

Feid, “Happy Cumpleanos Ferxxo”

Happy birthday, Feed! The Colombian singer-songwriter celebrated his 30th birthday by releasing his new single “Feliz Compleños Ferxo.” Embracing “Ferxxo,” another name Feid goes by with his fans. Backed by atmospheric reggaeton beats, he pours his heart out about the ex still on his mind. “I know I’m drunk, but I remember how good we danced, baby,” he sings in Spanish. of his Madeleine brand reggaeton emotional Hits on a different level in this haunting club banger. In the music video, Feid revealed through a birthday cake that his next album will be released on December 1st.

Victoria La Mala, “Fear Me”

For her music video “Tenme Mido,” Victoria joined forces with La Mala legends Chris Perez and Joe Ojeda, who are both members of Selena’s band Los Dinos. Victoria La Mala blends the hip-hop edge of her music with the Tejano soul that Perez and Ojeda brought to Los Dinos. Trap with a regional Mexican twist hits her back as she raps in Spanglish about being a strong independent woman. “Fear me, I’ve earned all I’ve got, and you won’t disrespect me,” La Mala sings. She delivers a fierce Latina power anthem. The VHS-like music video draws inspiration from the 90s and 2000s aesthetic. “Tenme Miedo” is a song from Victoria La Mala’s EP “Soy Mala”.

Camillo and Grupo Firme, “Alaska”

Camilo continues the rollout for his upcoming album “De Adentro Pa Afuera”. On “Alaska,” the Colombian pop star teamed up with Mexican band Grupo Ferm. Camilo’s Latin pop sound meets the banda music of Grupo Firme. Edwin Kaz, lead singer of Camilo and Grupo Firma, writes verses about drowning heartache over a few beers at a bar. Kaz told Latina that he and Camilo clicked immediately, “The synergy was immediate. We exchanged songs and verses. It was there that, without saying much, we decided that we should join our talents to create something new. Thus, ‘Alaska’ was born.” , synonymous with joy, fun, passion, union and celebration! Mexican peda comes to life in the music video where Camilo parties with Grupo Ferme in the back of a van while his wife, Ivaluna Montaner, serves as the designated driver. Camilo’s US tour kicks off on August 27th in New York City.

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