At the end of the fourth quarter on December 31st, 2022, Strs Ohio held IonQ, Inc. (NYSE:IONQ) has reported a surprising increase in its stake. According to the asset management firm’s recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), its stake in IonQ increased by an astonishing 1,071.3%, bringing its total holdings to more than a quarter million shares.

With this additional acquisition of shares, Strs Ohio now owns 0.14% of IonQ, valued at $969,000. The significant rise in IonQ shares has attracted attention and indicates significant potential returns for Mr. Robert Davis and other institutional investors who own a large stake in the quantum computing company.

While this news is great for Strs Ohio, it’s also worth noting that other hedge funds have also taken an interest in IonQ. Investors can track their current holdings by visiting HoldingsChannel.com for more information. As we move to April 16, 2023, we expect the market capitalization of this quantum company to grow exponentially.

Several equities research analysts have issued favorable reports on IonQ’s future prospects in quantum computing. Benchmark reiterated their “Buy” rating with an $8 price target while Needham & Company LLC raised its price target to $9 per share and maintained a “Buy” rating – a positive sign that IonQ’s stock may still be worth more.

IonQ is recognized for building some of the world’s most powerful quantum computers and continues to make advances that promise to revolutionize industries as diverse as investment banking to drug discovery to simulation or automating algorithms faster than classical computers can handle.

Finally, Strs Ohio’s big bet on IonQ reinforces sentiments about the future impact of quantum computing technology, positioning IonQ as potentially one of the top performing stocks on the NASDAQ but more importantly as an innovator that could change the game in many industries. For years to come.

IonQ: A growing quantum computing giant with significant investments and a promising future

Quantum Computing Giant Invests in IonQ

Quantum computing has been a hot topic for some time now, with various tech companies such as IBM, Google and Microsoft trying to be at the forefront of the industry. However, one company that has been making waves in recent times is IonQ Inc, which has seen a significant increase in investment from large investors.

HighTower Advisors LLC led the way by acquiring a new position in IonQ in the first quarter worth about $140,000. Vontobel Holding Ltd. followed suit with an investment of about $349,000 at the same time. One notable investor that grew its position in the company was Vanguard Group Inc., which grew its stake in IonQ by 4.4% in the first quarter and now owns 3.7 million shares valued at $48 million after acquiring 160,077 shares in the last quarter.

Joining this list of investors are Ergoteles LLC, which invested about $1.5 million, and Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc., which increased its stake in the company’s stock by 2.5% — now owns half a million shares worth $7.2 million.

From these figures, it is clear that institutional investors and hedge funds own about 46% of IonQ’s stock, indicating IonQ’s promising future as a major player in quantum computing technology.

Currently trading at over $6 per share (April 16), IonQ has shown impressive growth throughout the year despite being relatively new to the market, experiencing a low of around $3 and a high reaching $11 in 2022/23, leaving it an impressive The market cap is worth more than a billion dollars.

IonQ’s success is largely thanks to the development of its general-purpose quantum computing system; Currently producing technology capable of hosting 20 qubits on existing cloud platforms available through Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure Quantum, and Google Cloud Marketplace.

As quantum computing technology becomes increasingly sought after, it is clear that large investors recognize IonQ’s potential to be a leader in this growing industry. With a healthy injection of investment and several high-profile partnerships in place, they are well positioned for future success.

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