Mahe, Seychelles, April 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the rise of the cryptocurrency market, many investors are focused on the sector. However, for novice investors, the cryptocurrency market is full of various uncertainties and risks. How will this market be easy? SureX zero-transaction financial products are here to provide a reliable option for novice investors.

Fascinating Cryptocurrency and DeFi

“DeFi” is an acronym for decentralized finance, which allows users to trade and invest without a central authority. This financial model is based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. And it aims to provide a more secure and transparent financial experience.

In the past, cryptocurrency has been viewed as a mystical digital asset. But with the rise of DeFi, it gradually became a more open and inclusive investment path. The concept of DeFi has expanded from the early days of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts to a wide range of fields including liquidity mining, flash lending, decentralized exchanges and more.

The total market capitalization of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has increased in recent weeks following the crisis at Silicon Valley banks, as cryptocurrencies have become one of the risk-averse options for investors. Bitcoin is again the best-performing global broad asset class in 2023, ranking first in global broad asset class gains and outpacing the Nasdaq in second place.

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has reached $3 trillion in 2021, driven by concepts like Defi, which have seen many stories of “windfalls”:

Deal-hunters awarded millions of dollars in token rewards via airdrop farming; Someone bought an anonymous coin on the chain before going to bed and woke up to find that the value of these coins was equal to the sum of their 60 years of salary. Someone held the coin for a month and it went up 1500%, and even more ridiculously after selling the coin, it went up to 3000%; Some people use Defi lending + liquidity mining model to earn $20 million in 5 days, with yield in percent million; Its token YFI surged more than 32,000% in a month, becoming the first cryptocurrency in history to surpass Bitcoin in value.

Relying on DeFi to manage your money has a higher yield cap than any legitimate and transparent financial product you currently know.

But in the context of such amazing returns, Defi’s current state is stuck in a loop of suspended growth for users, with ultra-high barriers (such as additional learning costs, technical risks, operating mode, etc.) preventing massive penetration. The majority of wealth seekers.

SureX – A crypto exchange built on inclusive finance

“How to transform decentralized finance into inclusive finance that benefits common people?”

This was the initial proposal of SureX Exchange at the beginning of the establishment, and its ultimate goal is to “help more people get DeFi dividends”.

As the first exchange to launch Defi and single pledge asset management, SureX has designed a product perfectly compatible with Defi’s financial management and community power.

The SureX development team came up with a “spot-blasting” approach to address DeFi’s high thresholds and fees. They combine the best of centralized and decentralized finance to create a one-stop access platform for Defico’s portfolio of financial products. This platform allows ordinary people to easily participate in the global ecosystem of decentralized finance without the need to master smart wallets and complex on-chain operations. In this way, the barriers to DeFi are significantly reduced and people can easily participate and invest in cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the SureX platform also offers low-fee and high-yield financial products, allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of DeFi.

SureX Term Pledge Wealth Management

Simply put, this type of investment involves pooling funds from a group of dispersed investors and then investing through one organization or team. These funds are held in a securely audited liquidity pool, and returns are then obtained through on-chain liquidity mining. This approach protects the investor’s funds while earning high returns.

You can think of it as a time deposit in the bank, as long as you use the funds to subscribe to the finance you can collect interest daily. The only difference is to use cryptocurrency, enjoy minimum 100USDT to escrow, monthly rate of 7.2%, daily settlement and minimum annual return of 21%.

SureX Promise Wealth Management Documented Business System

A community of top traders in the industry who will teach you how to start investing in cryptocurrencies and create a long-term stable profit model through low-risk passive investing.

An order-following pledge system is a model similar to a fund manager investing on behalf of a professional trader and dealer who develops position strategies, and the user can decide which order to follow using data such as the historical returns of these professionals. . The user only needs to follow the order with one click, during which he can check the volatility of the financial management returns.

In this way, all investors need to choose traders they believe to be trustworthy.

SureX Bulls and Bears War

Compared to traditional trading mechanisms, bull-bear fighting has the characteristics of a wide audience, quick start and substantial profit. And its gameplay is simple and rough, even a crypto novice can easily get started in three minutes.

It is divided into “bull side” and “bear side”, and adopts the PK matchmaking method. The “bull” side is matched with the “bear” side through the matchmaking of the SureX exchange, and the two sides place their orders and become opposites to each other.

Players can choose currency and time, and decide whether the next market direction will be “bull” (up) or “bear” (down) by betting on different values ​​of USDT. If a player buys in a bull market and the closing price is greater than the opening price, the player wins, and vice versa, the other player wins, and vice versa for the rules of buying in a bear market.

Of course, the novice grows. And SureX has developed high latitude products such as futures contracts and liquidity mining systems, and is on track to continue to develop more quality services.

All SureX products have three distinctive features:

1. High yield

2. Low threshold

3. Low fees and charges

All products revolve around SureX’s core philosophy and service principle: insight into user needs, and to fully support users in financial investment, and create a simple and professional digital currency trading platform for all decentralized financial participants, serving not only professional traders but also novices to do To invest cryptocurrency.

The current concept boom of DeFi, Web3, NFT, Metaverse has spawned many projects, but there is still no great intermediate product on the market that caters to the traditional finance leanings and usage habits of Defi novices, which is also a problem. SureX’s opportunity to break away from centralized exchanges.

The SureX team believes that complementarity and win-win cooperation are the best driving forces for building a global inclusive financial ecosystem.


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