Take-Two Interactive Software (NASDAQ: TTWO ) – A Closer Look

Take-Two Interactive Software is a leading gaming software developer and publisher that has been on the radar of investors for many years. The Company’s stock is traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol ‘TTWO’. On April 9, 2023, research analysts at Benchmark reissued their ‘buy’ rating on TTWO stock with a price target of $120.00.

The move by Benchmark comes after Take-Two Interactive Software reported its earnings results for Q4 2022 on February 6. The earnings report showed that the company missed market expectations by reporting negative earnings per share ($0.91) compared to the consensus estimate of $0.88. This reduced the share price by almost 5 percent.

However, despite this, industry pundits are still bullish on Take-Two Interactive Software’s future prospects due to its solid track record and strong fundamental outlook. With a healthy return on equity (RoE) of 4.37% and quarterly revenue growth of around 60%, there is a lot to be optimistic about this gaming giant.

Moreover, with a trailblazing leadership team and impressive games under the umbrella of popular games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption franchise, Take-Two Interactive Software is well positioned in an ever-changing industry.

Given these strong gains and recent performance trends, it is clear why Benchmark reaffirmed a ‘Buy’ rating on TTWO shares in April 2023. They believe this aggressively innovative company has both the potential for long-term value creation and the momentum to disrupt the market.

Finally, while investing in any company carries inherent risk, the continued dominance of take-two interactive software in the world’s most lucrative entertainment industry may make it worth considering as part of an investor’s portfolio over time.

Take-Two receives mixed ratings from interactive analysts, but remains a solid investment option

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. has received mixed ratings from several research analysts, according to a report dated April 9, 2023. The company, which trades under the NASDAQ symbol TTWO, has been attracting the attention of investors and industry observers for some time. . Citigroup initiated coverage on the stock with a “Neutral” rating and a target price of $105.00 in last December 9th report.

Moffett Nathanson upgraded TTWO from a “market perform” rating to an “outperform” rating and set a January end target price of $140.00. Meanwhile, Roth Mkm cut its price objective from $140.00 to $130.00 but maintained a “buy” rating on TTWO in early February.

BMO Capital Markets raised their price objective on Take-Two Interactive Software to $130.00 and issued an “outperform” rating in mid-February, while Credit Suisse Group upped their price objective on TTWO from $122.00 to $129.00.

Although one analyst gave the stock a sell rating, five rated it a hold and another 19 rated it a buy recommendation, according to a Bloomberg.com consensus analysis. The average target price for Take-Two Interactive Software was calculated as $138.88.

Shares of TTWO traded down $1.98 during trading hours on Thursday and closed at $119.00 after 1,508,384 shares exchanged hands – a figure close to the stock’s average volume of 1,398,023 shares per day The firm has collected some impressive data; Boasting a current and quick ratio of o87 its market cap is around $20.07 billion with an optimal PEG ratio of 2:18 and a beta value of 0:69.

Take-Two Interactive Software also maintains solid technical positions in terms of moving averages – its 50-day SMA is above $114.01 and its 200-day SMA is at $110.30, with its 52-week low at $90.00. Even reaching, and high of $147.90.

In summary, it appears that Take-Two Interactive Software has recently been producing mixed results from industry analysts; However, it remains a solid contender for investment with an optimized PEG ratio of 2:18 beta value o69 and a stable moving average that makes the stock’s future look optimistic if not moderately bullish on the outlook, with the common rating by Bloomberg.com as a medium buy. Its current target price tends to sit at an average price of around $138.88 per share.

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