• Suzanne Brault is a consultant with experience in early child care and education.
  • She says the market for childcare and early education is fractured with huge implications for families, businesses and government.
  • He called for major state and federal investment in the system.

We know who they are, frantic parents looking for childcare, learning their only option is to be put on another waiting list. The grandparents, (some delighted, most exhausted), are tapped to care for a 3-year-old T-Rex who continues to bite his baby brother. Employers, thrilled to meet the elusive new hire, are now scrambling to find childcare to wake them up. These moments, all snapshots of people experiencing our broken child care landscape.

Our inability to address market failures, making the product (child care) too expensive for the buyer (parent), is inefficient. We can and must do better, finding solutions that acknowledge the true cost of care and the immense value inherent in early care and education.

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