The Salina Canvas Project launched a street art and mural festival in October

After working to bring other projects to HD Flour Mill, including “Mural at the Mill,” the Salina Canvas Project intends to continue bringing works of art to downtown Salina, with BOOM! A street art and mural festival is coming to town in October.

The festival is bringing artists to Salina starting Oct. 6 to create murals on five downtown walls to celebrate and enhance the city’s visual landscape.

Eric Montoy, one of the co-founders of the Canvas Project, said the purpose behind both the project and the festival is to bring people from all over the city to Salina.

“It’s privately funded by generous donors and there’s this collective consciousness among the property owners (walls) that they want to foster a creative culture in downtown Salina,” Montoy said. “(We) really want to boost tourism and bring foot traffic to that downtown area.”

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