The viral ‘snack box’ food trend makes food portable for outdoor adventures

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If you’re a fan of charcuterie boards but don’t know how to make this dish portable for outdoor adventures—a new food-packing trend may inspire you.

This is called “snackboxing” and uses a fishing tackle box to store meat, cheese, nuts, vegetables, fruit, small bread items and other snacks.

Skylar Butler, a stay-at-home mom of two from Nashville, Tennessee, came up with the snack box idea for her uncle’s lake-based bachelorette party in June.

Butler demonstrated the multi-layered snack box she created in a 13-second TikTok video that showed the red, hard-shell tackle box she used, which contained multiple food-filled compartments.

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“It’s such a fun idea,” Butler told Fox News Digital.

“My mom and I saw someone online a while ago who made a super-small version, [but] They used what looked like an art box or a small caboodle.”

Skylar Butler shared a TikTok video showing her packing a fishing tackle box with food. She calls her creation a “snackle box.”
(Skyler Butler)

“We thought it was a cute idea but it would be too cool and funny to get a big tackle box and make one,” Butler continued.

“So, that’s what we did.”

Butler recalled that her cousin was shocked when she saw what was done with the tackle box.

“He loved it, and we all had a great time picking from it and making different delicious concoctions,” Butler said.

“I would definitely do it again.”

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“It was so heavy, though, that we had to carry it from below because we were afraid to drop it,” he added.

“Maybe next time I’ll make a smaller snack box.”

On the day of the bachelorette party, Butler said she put the snack box in a large cooler with ice and brought it out when the guests were ready to eat.

“If it was built for an indoor event, I don’t think a cooler would be necessary because it’s essentially a charcuterie board inside the tackle box,” Butler said.

“And we all know that charcuterie is kept at room temperature when you eat lunch.”

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Butler’s video, which was originally shared on June 26, has been viewed more than 2.2 million times.

According to current TikTok analytics, the video has been liked by more than 197,600 people, while 1,822 people have commented and 33,500 people have shared the video with friends and other social media platforms.

“I had no idea TikTok would explode like this,” Butler said.

The popular video-sharing app now has a snackbox hashtag, and has more than 6.5 million views associated with it.

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TikTok users have shared their own versions of Snackle Boxes, though most don’t seem to be as big as the one Butler created.

Charcuterie boards have roots that date back to 15th century France.

Charcuterie boards have roots that date back to 15th century France.

“I’ve had a lot of people say they’re going to try it,” Butler told Fox News Digital.

She added that making a snack box “takes a lot of effort to prepare and plate everything — and the cost can be high depending on how much you buy and which brands you choose.”

Butler said she has received requests from TikTok users who want to make large charcuterie boards and table layouts after seeing her snack box video go viral.

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“It’s a job I’m willing to take,” she said.

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