These are the most slimming jeans on Amazon, according to shoppers

From a relaxed fit to a bootcut, these are the jeans that will make you feel slimmer. (Photo: Amazon)

There’s never been a better time to buy jeans. As if finding the right fit wasn’t already difficult enough, Gen Z has had to blow up denim style by bringing back the baggy ’90s silhouette — replacing the skinny jeans we’ve become accustomed to recently.

Baggy jeans are hard to get along with when you get to a certain age, especially if your goal is to look slimmer. The good news is that there are many slimming jeans that are somewhere between baggy and skinny styles. We did some denim digging on Amazon and found more than a few styles that Amazon shoppers are praising for their slimming abilities — some of them are even on sale!

Scroll down for the best slimming jeans on Amazon.

“These are the only jeans I buy now. The tailoring is nice and flattering with just enough stretch to fit,” shared one happy shopper. “I have a small waist, relative to waist size, and these fit well in the waist—no gap in the back. They’re a high-rise, which I prefer the kind of low-rise that can reveal a lot of anatomy when bent down. Pick something up.”

“Love these jeans!! I’ve worn them almost every day since I got them, they’re so comfortable,” wrote one rave reviewer. “The fabric is stretchy but it doesn’t look cheap. Like other stretch jeans I’ve bought, the fabric looks like normal Levi’s denim. They look good from the back and front but I wish there was a slimming stomach. Front panel so they looked better from the side. They fit the bottom of the leg. Tight enough in the middle that they look great with shoe tucks or a little roll and tennis shoes. Overall, a great pair of jeans!!”

“The only jeans I’ve ever found that fit in every way are the expensive ‘Lucky’ jeans…not anymore!!!!!” wrote one very excited shopper. “These are great and the price is so reasonable! Perfect flattering fit that isn’t too short in the crotch or waist. The rise is comfortable and looks great. They really are ‘move with you’ jeans – stretchy but not that ‘gross’ looking” cheap stretchy and These are slimming!

“Great jeans,” wrote one happy shopper. “Perfect fit for me. They get rid of my muffin top and definitely slim you down. They have just the right amount of stretch if you need it.”

“Search is over,” wrote a five-star fan. “Despite going up a size due to weight gain, these pants are instantly slimming and fit oh-so-just-right. Very comfortable and yet I can feel the extra support in my inner thighs and butt. My only wish is that they Came up a little higher at the waistline. Otherwise, they’re perfect!”

“With age comes unwanted changes in the body and jeans don’t fit as well as they used to,” lamented one satisfied shopper. “I have a closet full of jeans that should fit, but never get worn because they don’t. Enter NYDJ. What an amazing fit and flattering look on my middle-aged frame! I ordered a size 8, but maybe if I wanted them skin tight Could get away with a 6. Jeans paired with a casual button-up white shirt, black blazer, and heels make me look and feel young again. The intense black color adds. Bonus slimming effect.”

“These gorgeous jeans are so comfortable,” said one five-star fan. “Wren them to church with boots and the length is perfect. Amazing how they make me look petite and curvy while slimming, and I’m not curvy!😊 I’m a NYDJ girl and these are even better. Stretchy fabric that fits great, fresh medium Fabric maintains weight that stays snug. Amazing flexible waistband that doesn’t give a muffin top and can be dressed up or down. Casual or dressy! Classy and crisp. I’m a convert!!! Amazing fit and incredibly figure flattering!! Wow! “

“I am very happy with these jeans,” wrote one happy customer. “They are well made, fit me perfectly, and are easy to care for. I’m 5’5″, 150 pounds, and I have a bit of a belly. It makes me look a little thinner than it actually is thanks to the high rise. They hit me below the belly button. There’s enough volume to make them comfortable without being too stretchy.”

“These jeans are amazing!” A five-star fan favorite. “I’m short and skinny – these jeans make me look so slim, they’re so comfortable and the length is perfect for me!!! My husband says they look great on me and wants me to buy more, but I already have them. Two colors!”

“These will be your sexiest jeans,” promised one five-star fan. “I bought this pair a few months ago and fell in love with them. They are my ‘good butt/slimming’ jeans and give me a little boost of confidence on my journey to lose a few extra pounds. Perfect for those of us with a small butt, and omg what They make your butt look amazing. The stretch is amazing – the jeans really move with your body. Usually jeans make you feel like you’re wearing them. But not these.”

If you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping, of course. Not a member yet? no problem You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews cited above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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