Through a new strategic partnership, Accenture and Kanga collaborate to help companies transform revenue lifecycle management

New York; April 11, 2023 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and Conga, a global leader in revenue lifecycle management solutions, have formed a strategic partnership to help clients transform their revenue lifecycle management processes — from price quotes and contracts to fulfillment and renewal services. Together, the companies are helping organizations around the world streamline and automate their revenue processes to streamline and support business growth.

The collaboration brings together Accenture’s delivery, consulting and industry experience and Conga’s revenue lifecycle management solutions to help global companies drive more predictable revenue. Focused on the healthcare, life sciences, financial services, high technology and industrial industries, Accenture and Conga have collaborated on engagements for dozens of clients.

For example, they helped an electrical equipment customer standardize its Configure Price and Quotation (CPQ) processes—which provide pricing data for thousands of products. By using Conga CPQ on the Salesforce platform, non-standard, country-specific processes were replaced with a unified, global, cloud-based solution. Sales and finance teams can now create personalized quotes with real-time pricing data, and customers can quickly see the impact of decisions and changes. Offers can be produced in minutes, reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Michael Held, Senior Managing Director and Ecosystem and Growth Lead Accenture The strategy said, “Revenue management and forecasting, especially in times of rapid change and continued global volatility, are essential for organizations to remain competitive in their pricing and sales operations. Together with Kanga, we help organizations streamline their revenue lifecycle management and increase efficiency in their operations.” We can.”

Accenture and Conga helped an industrial manufacturing client automate and standardize complex contract lifecycle management processes to increase visibility and compliance. With Conga CLM, the company now has a single view of contracts in one place, including versions, approval history and metrics. Users can leverage pre-approved language and track changes to contracts in real time, allowing contracts to be negotiated and executed faster.

“Companies of all sizes and in all industries have a critical need to increase revenue certainty and improve operational efficiency,” said Noel Goggin, Chief Executive Officer and Culture Leader of Kanga. “Together, Conga and Accenture have a unique combination of capabilities and expertise to help organizations and their teams around the world achieve these business outcomes.”

About Accenture
Accenture is a leading global professional services company that helps the world’s leading businesses, governments and other organizations build their digital core, optimize their operations, accelerate revenue growth and enhance citizen services — creating tangible value at speed and scale. We are a talent and innovation-led company serving 738,000 people in more than 120 countries. Technology is at the heart of change today, and we are one of the world’s leaders in helping drive that change with strong ecosystem relationships. We combine our strength in technology with unmatched industry experience, functional expertise and global distribution capabilities. We are able to deliver tangible results due to our broad range of services, solutions and assets across Strategy & Consulting, Technology, Operations, Industry X and Accenture Song. These capabilities, along with our culture of shared success and commitment to 360° value creation, enable us to help our clients succeed and build trusted, lasting relationships. We measure our success by the 360° value we create for our customers, each other, our shareholders, partners and communities. Visit us at www.accenture.com.

About Conga

Conga crushes complexity in an increasingly complex world. With our revenue lifecycle management solutions, we transform the unique complexities of each company’s order configuration, fulfillment, fulfillment, and contract renewal processes into an integrated data model that adapts to ever-changing business needs and aligns the understanding and efforts of each team. Our approach is based on the Conga Way, a framework of entrepreneurial spirit and achieving together to champion our 11,000+ customers. We are committed to our customers and to removing complexity in an increasingly complex world. Our solutions quickly adapt to changing business models so you can normalize your revenue management processes.

Konga has global operations across North America, Europe and Asia. Learn more at conga.com or follow Conga on Twitter: @congahq.



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