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  • The best dog washing station for professionals is the Flying Pig 50 Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Bathtub with Ramp and Accessories.
  • Explore dog wash stations with ramps, ladders, and different sizes, depending on whether you prefer something for larger puppies or just focus on working with smaller dogs.
  • Consider the entrance, weight capacity, and extras before deciding on the best dog wash basin for your needs.

When you make it your job to make sure all of your pups look stylish as they run through town, there are a few basic essentials. You might be upgrading, or this might be your first dog wash tub—no matter what, we’ve got three solid picks that offer something unique at different prices. Part of dog grooming is welcoming your fluffy clients as if they were members of your family. This means that not only do they get comforting words, treats, and gentle hands, but it also means they get comfortable equipment to stand in that is roomy and safe. For you, the station should be at just the right height, solid and intuitively designed. Additional accessories or storage drawers make your life easier, too. Here are my top three picks that tick all of those boxes!

Top Picks: Today’s top dog wash stations for professionals

#1 BEST OVERALL: Flying Pig 50″ Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Bathtub with Ramp and Accessories

The best dog washing station for professionals is the Flying Pig 50 Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Bathtub with Ramp and Accessories. You have the choice between left door and right drain or right door and left drain right off the bat. The dog wash station measures 50″ x 28″ x 58″. It’s made of rust-resistant stainless steel which allows for a long-lasting piece of equipment that you can easily maintain.

The seal is great, and it comes with a drain kit that includes a hair trap and flexible hose. There is an upper arm with loops that you can use as needed and you also have the option to remove the side splash and backsplash for improved adaptability. Besides the overhead arm and drain assembly, your purchase includes a few other accessories such as a bathtub faucet with hoses and a stainless steel shampoo rack.

The floor net is removable, and you can also adjust it to sit lower or higher depending on the size of the pups you’re bathing. The door opens easily and can be closed with a padlock. Keep water in the sink as often as needed, and simply drain it when you’re done with each grooming session.

What do customers say

Customers have rated this dog washing station 4.8 out of five stars. Putting it together is easy and you can use the pictures online as a reference. They are comfortable working with a washing station that doesn’t put pressure on their backs and the dogs they work with, young and old, seem to enjoy it as much as they do.

Pros and Cons of the Flying Pig 50 Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Bathtub with Ramp and Accessories

Positives cons
Stainless steel is rust resistant. This washing station is heavy and may require more than one person to set up.
Included with the sink is a drain set and other accessories.
The floor net is removable and adjustable.

better overall

50- Fouad

2. Best Long Ramp: KANIS Professional Stainless Steel Dog Bathing Station

This dog washing station is made of stainless steel. Also, a long ramp makes it easy for even elderly dogs to get in without having to strain your back to pick it up. Apart from a long non-slip ramp that acts as a door, it has some other innovative features. For example, the faucet is functional, allowing you to pull out the shower head. There is a soap dispenser, hair trap, and drain kit. The floor grate is made of two pieces and is removable. There is a storage drawer to keep things tidy and in one place and the bathtub area has a rubber back.

Once your dog is in the bathtub, you can close and lock the ramp in its upright position, serving as a door. If you’re wondering about leaks, don’t worry. It has a heavy-duty watertight seal to keep water inside the tub. The storage drawer where you store your supplies is capable of holding up to 24 lbs. and the tub itself has a capacity of 200 lbs. Not only is the back of the tub high, but it’s also high-sided to keep bubbling messes contained. There is a rubber seal throughout, specially formulated to prevent any leaks. You’ll get all the accessories you need, including a flexible hose with drain assembly and a restraint rod.

What do customers say

Customers rated this dog wash basin 4.6 out of five stars. For those professionals who frequently bathe large dogs, it is a tub that they can use frequently. They appreciate its versatility—the one duo has a height difference of more than a foot, and they’re both able to work with the sink comfortably while washing their favorite canine clients, two German shepherds. They also like that the feet are adjustable, which makes setup simple even on uneven floors. While other models have steps, the long ramp offered by this washing station that also doubles as a door is a nice touch. They also had to mention that the faucet moves away when you have a dog in the tub so pets have a comfortable, clear space to enjoy their baths.

Pros and Cons of the KANIS Professional Stainless Steel Dog Bathing Station

Positives cons
Long ramp doubles as a kebab. Some customers have had to modify the hoses.
All necessary accessories are included.
Maximum capacity is 200 pounds.

Best long ramp

KANIS Professional Stainless Steel Dog Bathing Station - Dog Grooming Basin with Ramp, Storage Drawer, Floor Grid and Faucet / Dog Bathtub

3. Best for Small Dogs: The WSSEY Dog Wash Station

If you cater specifically to small pups, this dog washing station is definitely more budget-friendly and compact. It has ladders for the little fur balls to climb on and is detachable to make a way for you when you shower. The floor plate is removable and you can adjust it to different levels according to your needs for each grooming session. It measured 34″ H x 18″ W x 41″ D and had a weight capacity of 178 pounds, including water weight. The faucet is high pressure and there is a shampoo shelf to keep you organized.

The pros and cons of the WSSEY dog wash station

Positives cons
The station comes with a dog leash, adjustable temperature faucet, heavy-duty sprayer, and shower shelf. Only suitable for small dogs with a smaller hip size. (Maximum 33″ long by 16″ wide by 18″ high)
It is made of stainless steel that is easy to clean
Easy access for pets makes the laundry space more convenient.

Best for small dogs

WSSEY Small Dog Wash Station Dog Grooming Basin 34 Inch Dog Bathing Station Professional Dog Washing Station Pet Bathtub for Home with Sliding Door Faucet Steps

Criteria: What to look for in professional dog wash stations


The dogs you take care of may have different needs. If they are elderly, they may have difficulty taking steps and having heavy dogs affects your back. Make sure that the types of dogs you groom regularly are compatible with the dog wash station you use (such as one with a long ramp).

weight capacity

This is another important consideration, especially if you let water pool in the tub part while you shower. Water weight is usually included in the maximum weight capacity and when you know these limitations up front you won’t have any surprises later.

Most dog washing stations come with a drain kit that includes hoses and hair traps, but consider whether you may need to make changes depending on your setup. Look for storage drawers or shampoo shelves if that’s important to you. Also, consider a razor arm and whether there are handlebars included with your purchase.

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