In the era of big finance, investing has become a game of precision and analysis. This is a world where every move is calculated, every decision is scrutinized, and even the slightest change in an investment portfolio can impact market trends. This is what makes Tributary Capital Management LLC’s recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission so noteworthy.

According to their report, Tributary Capital Management LLC bought a new stake in Atlantic Union Bankshares Co. in the 2022 Q4. (NASDAQ:AUB) decreased its position in shares by 2.9%. They sold 17,741 shares, for a total of 598,875 shares. Company stock. That means Atlantic Union Bancshares now comprises just 2.1% of Tributary Capital Management LLC’s investment portfolio, making it its 3rd largest holding.

The news may come as a surprise to some investors who have been following AUB over the past few months, especially considering that its stock price has been relatively stable over this time period. But for those who understand the complexities of investing at this level, this shift highlights how important each decision can be.

Atlantic Union Bankshares Corp., which specializes in community banking services such as checking and savings accounts, lending programs, credit cards, treasury management solutions and more; Friday opened at $33.21 but the NASDAQ AUB has experienced both highs and lows throughout its history.

The company has a quick ratio of 0.85 as well as a current ratio but this debt-to-equity ratio is quite low at just 0.16 – meaning they are operating on borrowed funds that other banks might be willing to do so these days. Amid growing concerns about global economic stability.

Despite the challenges posed by global financial uncertainty due to the pandemic and increasing competition from non-traditional financial institutions such as digital banking apps, the firm remains committed to providing quality services to local customers. And this dedication may ultimately help it weather future storms in the years to come.

Overall, the news that Tributary Capital Management LLC reduced its position in AUB may seem like a blip on the radar for some investors, but for those who understand how delicate and nuanced investing at this level can be, why every move counts. Markets change quickly and investors must be cautious and make careful decisions if they hope to succeed over time.

Atlantic Union Bancshares: A promising investment opportunity with strong community ties

Atlantic Union Bancshares: A Growing Investment Opportunity

Atlantic Union Bankshares Corp. (NASDAQ:AUB) is a bank holding company that provides financial services to local communities. Offering a range of services including checking, savings, loans, credit cards, online and mobile banking, treasury management, business eBanking and wealth management. On April 9, 2023, Atlantic Union Bancshares has seen some significant changes in stakeholder holdings.

Natixis Advisors LP boosted its stake in shares of Atlantic Union Bancshares by 4.4% during the fourth quarter, bringing its total investment to $1,132,000. Deroy & Devereaux Private Investment Counsel Inc. also upped its holdings in the company by 1.1% with the current total investment of $3,975,000. Counterpoint Mutual Funds LLC acquired a new position in the last quarter valued at about $128,000. Wesbanco Bank Inc. followed with new purchases for investors totaling $1,223,000.

According to research analyst reports conducted by Keefe Bruyette & Woods and Raymond James respectively, AUB’s performance has received a promising market response so far; Its earnings report for Q1 beat analysts’ consensus estimates on EPS for the quarter of $0.83, recording EPS of $0.90 for Q1 — as well as posting estimates of 3.35 EPS for the year — highlighting more potential long-term value or return on investment.

Furthermore, investors believe in Atlantic Union Bancshares’ unique community-based approach where customer relationships are built on a local basis with 70% of the hedge funds and institutional investors who have purchased significant shares in the company.

Atlantic Union Bancshares recently disclosed a quarterly dividend paid to investors representing an annual yield of 4%. This dividend demonstrates Atlantic Union’s commitment to active investor engagement through shared rewards and rewards; Making Atlantic Union Bankshares a leading contender as a viable value investment option.

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