Investment manager Larry Leppard has warned that the US dollar could lose most of its value within five to 10 years. After the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, “the United States did something that I thought was very stupid, which was that it seized $600 billion in Russian currency reserves, and that sent a message to all the other countries in the world saying, ‘Hey, what are you doing to America? Don’t like it, they can grab your money,'” the executive explained.

The investment manager expects the US dollar to lose most of its value in 5-10 years

Larry Leopard, investment manager and founder of Equity Management Associates (EMA), shared his prediction about the death of the US dollar in an interview with Kitco News, published on Wednesday. He said:

I’m very comfortable that the dollar will effectively restructure or lose most of its value within 10 years, and I think, frankly, it could be even shorter than that. My kind of average estimate is about five years.

The executive then explained how he came up with his prediction: “I based it on looking at history and other currency events in other countries and looking at patterns of how long it takes.”

After the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, Leppard said, “The United States did something that I think is very stupid, which is that it confiscated $600 billion of Russian currency reserves, and that sent a message to every other country in the world. ‘Hey, if America doesn’t like what you’re doing, , they can seize your money.’ He added:

That kind of started what we see as the next phase of currency devaluation… and we’re now seeing everything slowly but surely deflate.

The investment manager moved on to discuss inflation. “We have a lot of inflation and unfortunately it’s only getting worse,” he stressed. For safe haven assets, he recommends gold and bitcoin, seeing both of them as “sound money.”

Leppard continued: “The average investor in the United States is told: ‘Buy stocks, buy bonds, don’t worry about currencies.’ I think that’s a big blind spot because I think there’s a big risk of a big, serious downside to the currency, and the average investor who’s in a 60-40 portfolio, if they’re not holding gold and they’re not holding bitcoin, they’re going to really suffer over the next 10 or 15 years. He further warned: “If they hold more bonds, they will be wiped out because I think the odds of the bonds retaining their real purchasing power are extremely low.”

Noting that politicians changed the rules when Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank failed, Leppard warned that “you can’t believe a word” of those in control of fiat currency “because everything they do is engineered. To keep themselves in power, their to operate the system of pocketing money. However, he stressed that every time those in power change the rules, “more and more people are waking up” and looking for alternatives to the US dollar.

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