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Dell Technologies It beat revenue expectations for the ninth quarter in a row, as companies invested heavily in their desktops and laptops to support working hybrids during the pandemic. “For us this was music to our ears as many of our customers understood the importance of digital services, products and solutions”, he says. Juan Francisco Aguilar, VP and CEO of Dell Technologies Mexico.

In these two and a half years V. the gap Supported Mexican companies in modernizing their infrastructureBy providing cloud solutions for better data storage and server performance for customers who shift most of their workforce to hybrid work during the pandemic.

“Companies can better take advantage of the data they generate for exchange and manage it in a different way that helps them prevent any incidents”

Juan Francisco Aguilar,
VP and CEO of Dell Technologies Mexico

How can Dell help businesses beat inflation?

I believe that technology is an enabler that helps them develop better business systems by allowing them to reduce costs. At Dell we recognize that there are many variables in inflation, but we believe that technology helps companies be more productive while reducing costs.You can do better things by analyzing data.

What are the most important products and services for the brand?

Dell comes from a merger with EMC six years ago, which at the time was the largest acquisition in the technology industry in history. Dell had a very broad portfolio with solutions for servers, PCs and desktopAnd with the integration of EMC, cloud solutions, storage and backup tools were addedOur umbrella is large enough to cover the various demands of companies and help them attack.

We saw a huge increase in production desktopyes laptop for him Home OfficeMany companies support their employees to work from home, all of which require modern equipment. This segment grew very strongly in 2021, but in September and October, modernization Data centers you server It has also increased in double digits.

How do they leverage their design to interact with other technological devices?

Dell always listens to its customers, feedback has always been at the heart of the company; since Michael Dale The company, founded at the University of Texas, listened to his friends and the small businesses he visited What did they need?

During the pandemic we always listen to our customers, we ask them what they want to include in their team and based on that feedback we incorporate our customers’ needs (into the design). For example, we were asked to bring the best together desktop on a laptop. also, Through artificial intelligenceWe started to include the most used apps in our product rangeComputers understand this and give it all priority in terms of resources so that they can run faster and achieve optimal levels of performance. We’ve learned from that feedback and we’re incorporating it into all of ours laptop,


iWhat results did you achieve this year?

We are coming off a good quarter and a very important year in terms of results Dell Technologies continues to support many companies in the modernization of their infrastructure and data centers., many of our customers understood the importance of digital services, products and solutions, and for us it was music to our ears. Over the years we have supported modernization Their data centers and we introduced cloud solutions in terms of storage and servers. Many other companies have adopted it one As a hybrid model in Dell’s strategies to modernize and equip its partners With good computer and good performance, it has helped us in our development.

What is the role of Dell Technologies in education and innovation?

Yes you ask Michael DaleEstablished by and CEO of a company, education and health are the subjects that inspire him the most. Education is very important to us, it is a holistic aspect because it is not only about what technology has to offer, it has to do with how teachers are preparing to generate more quality content and consequently, they are exposed to technology. Together they become facilitators.

There are many challenges in our country, but they should not be left to the government alone. There are areas such as Internet access, in which companies can collaborate with universities and governments. Access to education is very important.

Dell is a facilitator of technology for education, but not if you have the right materials to power these devicesWe may not see the expected level of academic achievement.

How did you deal with the crisis in supply chains during the pandemic?

What we did in these two and a half years were two things; One, we strengthened our relationships with all our component suppliers; Number two, we exchange all our product information as soon as we go on sale, it’s famous PlannedSo that shops, businesses and end customers can be predictable Demand for computer equipment and components. When you exchange that direct information, you allow them to anticipate demand. and negotiate prices and components with own suppliers.

Dell was globally recognized as a technology company that managed the supply chain crisis well despite the challenges it faced.

Dale’s message is that heCompanies can better take advantage of the data they generate for exchange and manage them in a different way that helps prevent any incidents. Companies that do this will have a competitive advantage not only now but also in the future.


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