I used to enjoy the idea of ​​having a few drinks It wasn’t harmful for me Health – After all, all seniors knock two a day They seem to live longer. but while Relax with some drinks after work It finally looks harmless, new research about this subject has slowly changed Expert understanding of what the body can handle. Now, the The New York Times reports The most recent study in this field Show that moderate drinking has no health benefits whatsoever. Talk about a buzz.

How healthy is the daily drinking habit?

the New report on alcohol consumption, Published by JAMA At the end of March, she sought not to reset the recommended daily drinking amount Rather, it is to adapt to the methodological flaws that previous studies have introduced over the years.

This new report analyzed more than 100 previous studies of more than 5 million adults And I found that most of those studies were observational. This means that they can identify correlations and links within the databut not necessarily specifying cause and effect.

The issue is that Observational studies do not always take important context into account when evaluating subjects. For example, in some Previous Studies and Subjects of self-Recognition “moderate to mild” Sharpie appeared To follow healthy habits, while some of those in “Not to drink at allclass were actually Ex-drinkers who quit smoking after experiencing various health problems. Since some people in The abstaining group had already started a condition considered unhealthy (recurrent and/or start drinking)those who were Drink in moderation at study time It looked more correct By comparison – skewed data The results are blocking the bulk picture.

Take the shortcomings of these studies In mind, the new Study found that any Presumed health benefits Light to moderate drinking becomes minimal. It seems we can’t use the old excuse of “for my health” anymore when looking for red wine.

The report found that Moderate drinkers exhibit other behaviors This is most likely affect their general health:They tend to be healthy eaters delusion more likely to exercise. Money also plays a factor in this Moderate drinkers are usually richer (again, just an association, not a cause). So there last determining factors A higher level of general health in moderate drinkersand these factors It has nothing to do with alcohol abuse.

category Non-drinkers aren’t entirely made up of former drinkers either. Many topics in that category come from low income families, Owns Ongoing health problems, or experiencing a disability.

So how much should we drink (or not drink)?

The JAMA report is not the only source indicating a shift in the way we think about alcohol consumption. IIn January, the Canadian Center on Drug Abuse and Addiction released much more Hardline stance on drinkingso recommend Canadians avoid alcohol as much as possible. The report states That no consumption is considered healthy and even consuming Two drinks a week He is associated with each other Health risks (such as an increased risk of some types of cancer). sEven or more drinks weekly, meanwhile, It is an amount linked to Great health Risks (heart disease and stroke).

Altogether, the report reads, “Overwhelming evidence confirms that when it comes to drinking alcohol, less consumption means lower risks of harm from alcohol.”

by In comparison, the United States is quite lenient. cCurrent US guidelines Suggest Women should not drink more than one alcoholic beverage per day And men do not drink more than two.

In the end, the study published by JAMA concludes that moderate drinking does not give you a longevity advantage over total abstinence. We’ve seen more science sentiment start to tilt this way in recent years, like the reports say Not drinking is the best policy That’s when American women drink the most, so does their lives significantly shortened.

DrNot to hate me, but I recently got into the habit of drinking noticeably less (mostly just weekends, down from a couple drinks for every day) I was somewhat shocked How much better do I feel in almost every aspect. Seemingly all the leading scientific literature Believes You made the right decision.

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