WEBINAR: Mastering the Art of Survey Design for Efficient and Cost-Effective Land Seismic Acquisition

How to use creative survey design techniques to unlock unprecedented operational efficiency gains and cost savings during your next seismic survey.


To ensure the best possible return on seismic acquisition investment, it is important to develop a fully optimized survey design that overcomes challenges related to location, terrain, cost, efficiency, risk, environmental footprint, and data processing, while obtaining high-quality subsurface images. and characterization.

Understanding these challenges, the environment you are working in, as well as the rapidly evolving acquisition and data processing techniques that can influence survey design are critical success factors in providing a low-cost seismic survey that does not compromise image quality.

By understanding how to combine geophysical and logistical elements with innovative technology and integrated strategies, you will learn how to develop a fully optimized survey design and lead to:

  • Significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX investments
  • Gaining unparalleled operational capabilities to quickly deliver interpretation-ready data
  • Reducing the likelihood of receiving requests for contract variation orders due to unaccounted-for challenges and unexpected costs
  • Guaranteed image enhancement and data quality aligned with your expectations to make informed decisions faster
  • Reducing the environmental footprint and HSSE risk of acquisition ultimately leads to reduced compensation and land access costs.
  • Assuring adherence to project deadlines to avoid delays in detailed exploration project planning

Register for this free webinar to:

  1. Improve your knowledge of survey design and understand the impact new acquisition techniques can have on seismic operations and data processing.
  2. Learn how to optimize survey design to increase survey acquisition efficiency and access seismic data faster than ever before.
  3. Discover proven seismic acquisition techniques to be considered during survey design guaranteed to reduce exploration CAPEX and OPEX.
  4. Understand creative, high-density survey design techniques that will improve image enhancement while reducing HSSE risk and environmental footprint.

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Your webinar leaders

John Naranjo

Geophysicist – Earthquake acquisition specialist

John Naranjo is a seismic acquisition geophysicist who provides survey design and acquisition for bp seismic projects in the Western Hemisphere. A recognized expert in land and transition zone seismic survey design and operations, John has designed and overseen projects in a range of challenging environments, including Alaska, Western Siberia, the US Lower 48, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi. John was an early implementer of high trace density land seismic, initially by applying ISS to projects in Alaska and, more recently, by combining ISS with STRYDE Nodes™ in Abu Dhabi.

Brendan has over 15 years experience working on a wide range of geological and geological projects in the New Zealand and Australian basins. Much of this experience has been focused onshore with a strong emphasis on unconventional and tight gas exploration and development. Over the past 10+ years, Brendan has focused on implementing the latest technologies in onshore seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation with operators in Australia and New Zealand where he has championed low-impact but high-specification survey design and acquisition methods. Helped change mindsets about how to approach survey design with new source and receiver technologies. His major areas of expertise include:

  • Design and implementation of geophysical workflows for exploitation of conventional and unconventional resources.
  • Azimuthal velocity analysis, AVAz, and AVOAz for the exploration of conventional and unconventional targets in the implementation of seismic acquisition, processing, and attribute technologies for stress regimes and characterization of natural fracturing.
  • 2D and 3D seismic interpretation in both exploration and development projects including identification of new leads, maturation of leads into drillable prospects, and support of ongoing drilling campaigns providing live forecast updates and model calibration.

Chris Einchcomb is an expert geophysical consultant with nearly 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, particularly focused on exploration, new ventures, and subsurface challenges. As a specialist in exploration, Chris has held director and VP roles for bp, TNK-BP, and Rosneft and ran Integra’s land seismic business. As a well-experienced geophysicist, Chris has managed and delivered over 100 seismic acquisition projects worldwide, and truly understands what it takes to deliver a fully optimized survey design that minimizes cost and risk without compromising image quality.



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