What is the “Little Miss” meme trend?

The way certain memes make it to the Internet’s mainstream is always an impressive phenomenon. Last Thursday, I was minding my business, praying for those who decide to take Splendor to Grass Head, and on Friday, my feed was filled with pictures of Roger Hargeves, formatted with alternate captions like “Little Miss Irritable Bowel Syndrome.” ” and “Little Miss Scary Avoidance”. People were following this new meme pattern, originally created by @juulpuppy, and before we knew it, it had gone viral on TikTok and Instagram, appearing on every second story slide for the entire weekend.

The problem with meme culture is that, unfortunately, memes born from funny people end up in the hands of weird people, and with a wink, the “Little Miss Perfectly Fine Meme” becomes “Little Miss is the weirdest thing. Ever seen”. This is especially the case when a meme isn’t widely funny in the first place, “Little Miss” memes being a case in point. What began as a subtle, mildly amusing joke to point out relevant toxic symptoms, physical weaknesses, and unfortunate circumstances was quickly adopted by the least funny people on the Internet: celebrities and brands. And thus, the beginning of the end began for the “Little Miss” meme, which has become nothing more than a nuisance and a tragedy.

I can accept the humor of taking an old parable and re-captioning it with facts about old-fashioned capitalism and the destruction of our societies, communities, and planet, wreaking havoc on our mental health. This is basically the point of internet culture. The disparity between the joy we felt reading picture books as children and the society we live in as adults, which seems to be constantly getting worse and worse, is an apt comparison to make, especially in comic form. But the way people run with a tendency to point out basic characteristics or just things they like? I regret to inform you that “Little Miss Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Boba” is nothing but – and I cannot stress this enough – a disappointment. “Little Miss Lash Lover” is potentially bad and I’m disappointed in the internet community that the point is so severely missed. oh god I’m “Little Miss Logging Off Until This Trend Is Killed”, then “Little Miss I’m Being Sarcastic”.

How did “Little Miss” begin?

The “Little Miss” illustrations, as most of us know, are the work of Roger Hargreaves, the author and illustrator responsible for the “Little Miss” and “Mr. Men” picture books, which went on to become BBC TV shows. The series initially used to depict a day in the life of each character, showing how their personalities affected their lives.

The viral 2022 “Little Miss” meme was allegedly created by @juulpuppy, a NYC-based meme account that posts meme content about mental health. Sincerely, @juulpuppy, you brought it into the world, can you take it back?

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