Where to find all 7 locations to unlock the map

Sannyasi row is A back-to-basics reboot of the franchise, but it also features the biggest and most diverse location yet. Santo Ileso is a sprawling city that feels like Las Vegas with a healthy dose of Texas, and there are plenty of fascinating landmarks to discover. While Sannyasi rowThe open world map is a bit tame compared to others, it can still take some time to navigate if you don’t take some steps. You have to unlock fast travel inside Sannyasi rowHowever, it’s not a default mechanic that you have access to — so here’s how to do it.

How to unlock fast travel Sannyasi row

To unlock fast travel, you need to take a photo of each specific fast travel point. These are marked on your map as a small yellow icon with a train, and they are easy to find. If you hover over an icon on the map it will tell you what you need to photograph to unlock that point, such as Panther Rock.

Fast travel is definitely a bit easier than driving everywhere, it can be fun.deep silver

Now, the only issue is that the photos can be a bit blurry. To take a picture, open your main menu and select the camera option. If you bring the camera close to the object, you’ll see a small border around it, but you need to make sure the photo is focused and at the proper distance. You may need to navigate around a bit and remove any obstructions from your view. Essentially, you want to line up the icons around the object along the lines of your camera and make sure the object itself is very much in the center of your frame. If you need to, you can adjust your camera’s zoom using the left and right triggers.

Once you take the appropriate photo, you will unlock a fast travel point and the icon will change to purple. To use fast travel, open your map to a point and press X (or A) to travel.

All fast travel points

There are a total of seven fast travel points scattered throughout Santo Ileso, with another added after you beat the game and place the Saint’s Tower, which costs eight million dollars. Below we will show you each point and where to find them.

the church

deep silver

At the beginning of the game, the apartment will be the very first fast travel point you unlock, but once you advance the story a bit and get the church, the point will switch to that. This fast travel point is unlocked automatically and you don’t need to do anything.

Bear Lake

deep silver

Found in the Marina West section of the city, Bear Lake is where you need to take pictures of bears. The statue is in the middle of a small lake by the side of the road.

Cactus Bill

deep silver

Found in the lakeshore south area of ​​the city. This landmark is very easy to spot as it is a giant cactus statue with a hat, and it even glows at night. There aren’t many other objects nearby, so it should be easy to photograph.


deep silver

Found in the El Dorado section of the city, it’s a bit more difficult. You really need to take a photo of the El Dorado sign that sits above the main road. You need to use the zoom function to get a clear picture.

Lone Wolf

deep silver

Found in the Badlands South region, this wolf statue basically sits where three roads meet, and it will be on top of a cliff, giving you a clear picture.

Panther Rock

deep silver

Found in the West Providencia area, Panther Rock is a huge landmark that you can’t really miss while driving around. You may need to move around a bit and play with the zoom to get the picture on the right line.

Twin Coyote

deep silver

The final landmark is located in the Rosas Desert North area, next to the Twin Coyote Arcade Store. You’ll have to travel a bit to get there; Just go to the arcade, and the statues will be right outside.

Sannyasi row Currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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