Yucaipa High Grade Stars in ‘That’s Amore’ on Netflix Arts and entertainment

Love is in the air for Riley Dundee.

The actress, who graduated from Yucaipa High School in 2011, is both recently engaged and starring in a new rom-com coming to Netflix on Thursday, August 25.

“The trailer is really fun,” Dundee said. “This is the first full-length film in which I am in the lead role.”

Dandy, who began acting as a child at the former Noble Hearts Theater in Yucaipa, starred in “That’s Amore” opposite Isaac Gonzalez Rossi.

She plays Sofia, whose job and relationship fall apart on the same day – her 30thth birthday The Netflix trailer says that with the help of her mother, she starts over and “meets a creepy Spanish chef, who just might be her missing ingredient.”

“I loved the script because the main character was literally me,” Dandy said of what she loves most about “Yo Amor.”

“Most of the time when I read a script, I’m excited to find a version of myself within this character,” she said. “While Sophia, the main character in ‘That’s Amore,’ when I was reading it, I wanted to say everything she said.”

“She’s very clumsy and has a dry sense of humor,” she said, amused herself. “That’s me to a tee.”

Dundee, who has appeared in several films and commercials, got the part of Sophia after losing some parts to the production company after “That’s Amore”.

“I’ll get really close to the projects they’re working on and then they’ll be like, ‘Oh, we’re going with someone else.’ I was a bit discouraged,” she said. “Then they approached me and wanted me to audition for this film, which is ‘Amor’. I thought I wasn’t going to get it, but… it gave me something to do during quarantine. “

She was wrong. That all important call arrived.

“The producer called himself and said, ‘Hey, you’re our Sophia. Congratulations,'” Dundee said. “That was kind of fun. It was just a lot of work built up to this moment which felt really good after not working for a while. “

“That Amor” is just the beginning of Dundee’s recent work. His three other projects are also slated for release this year. The independent film “Rooted,” a horror movie currently making the film festival rounds, another horror movie that will hit theaters in December and a Christmas movie for HBO Max will also be released in December.

“It’s weird, I’ve done the most work in my life during the pandemic,” said Dundee, who appeared in “A California Christmas: City Lights,” on Netflix in 2021, the 2018 film “City of Gold” and the 2018 Snapchat. Original series “Kappa Crypto.”

“It’s been a really exciting year,” she said. “…with ‘That Amor’ is the first carpet unrolling for the rest of the year.”

Perhaps the year will include marriage. Dundee recently got engaged to fellow actor Deniz Akdeniz from HBO Max’s “Flight Attendant.” She says no date has been set, so who knows.

Regardless of the rest of the year, Dundee hopes “That’s Amore” gets a lot of views on Netflix. And, she hopes she can count on some hometown support, like she’s gotten for her other projects.

“The response from Yucaipa has been a little overwhelming, to be honest,” she said of her latest film, “A California Christmas: City Lights.” “Hometown friends and teachers and colleagues are posting and showing their support and enthusiasm for it.”

He recently posted the trailer of “That’s Amore” on his Instagram account and got almost 24,000 views after just one day.

“I think most of the comments are from people in Yucaipa, which is really sweet,” Dundee said.

If the viewership for “That’s Amore” is strong, Dundee is hoping it can turn into something more.

“Hopefully, we all get to see it, because if it does well, we can make a sequel,” she said.

Dandy is also considering a Zoom watch party or live Q&A on Instagram following the release of “That’s Amore.” She will announce the details if this happens.

For now, though, the focus is on “That Amor” and for all to see.

“I recommend watching with sangria in hand — and some food,” she says with a laugh.

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